The Bomb

Chicago, IL's the Bomb is a heavy duty punk trio consisting of former Naked Raygun leader Jeff Pezzatti (vocals, bass), John Maxwell (guitar), and Paul Garcia (drums). The band came together in the late '90s and went about setting up Jettison Music (named after Naked Raygun's third full-length), a label that has also released material by the Matics and Green. The Bomb made their recorded debut with 1999's three-song ...Arming EP and released a follow-up full-length the following year with the aptly named Torch Songs, which was recorded with the help of Pezzatti's old chum (and former Big Black bandmate), Steve Albini. Both records were compared favorably to the pulverizing melodicism of late-'80s Raygun without referring to either of them as re-hashes. Since forming, the Bomb has performed regularly in Chicago and Minneapolis, sharing the stage with the likes of fellow veterans the Damned and Grant Hart, along with younger acts such as the Pinehurst Kids and the Amazing Crowns. ~ Andy Kellman

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