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UK pop group Ultimate Kaos comprise Haydon Eshun (b. c.1982, England), Ryan Elliot (b. c.1982, England), Jomo Baxter (b. c.1979, England), Nicky Grant (b. c.1977, England) and Jayde Delpratt Spence (b. c.1981, England). They formed when Grant and Baxter were enrolled at the Battersea Dance Workshop in London, where they recruited the remaining members and began to hone their own style of energetic R&B and pop dance. The groups debut single, Some Girls, reached number 9 in the UK charts in October 1994, selling over 200, 000 copies. It was followed by an album, Kaos, and a further hit single, Right Here. Their extensive promotion of the album included tour dates as part of the Coca-Cola roadshow, while the group also signed a contract with Motown Records in the USA. Subsequent singles failed to repeat the success of Some Girls, and the group were dropped by Polydor. However, French radio picked up on their cover version of LeVerts Casanova, and with the backing of Sony France the group found themselves with a huge hit and number 4 chart placing. The single enjoyed similar success in other European countries, although it stalled at UK number 29 in July 1998.