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Almost a Bride

Kniha 2, Destination Love - The funniest rom-com you'll read this year!

Knihu lze stáhnout a číst v Apple Books na Macu nebo iOS zařízení.


'I couldn't stop laughing ... this was outstanding' Goodreads reviewer

From the author of the ebook bestseller, Love To Hate You. Newly single. Holiday of a lifetime. Bumping into 'the ex'. Jo Watson's Almost A Bride whisks you away to Mauritius in this riot of a rom-com. Perfect for fans of Lucy Vine's Hot Mess, Coleen Coleman, Keris Stainton, Joanna Bolouri and Cate Woods.

That moment you catch your boyfriend in bed with another woman and then mistakenly get arrested. #awks

Annie doesn't want to dwell on the fact that she walked in on her bf wearing nipple clamps on the day he was meant to propose to her. She just wants to move on - cue escaping to a tropical paradise.

Life is dreamy on the beaches of Mauritius, until the nightmarish appearance of her ex and the 'other woman'. Faced with the enemy, Annie refuses to look like the sad, lonely single she actually is. She needs a decoy - and fast. Enter Chris, a sexy screenwriter who agrees to play her pretend boyfriend.

But as a battle of the exes commences, the white sand, tropical heat and a pina colada (or five) might just be the cocktail for a real romance - and the adventure of a lifetime.

For more laugh-out-loud, swoon-worthy hijinks from Jo Watson, don't miss her other titles Burning Moon, Finding You and Love To Hate You!

Preorder Jo's new rom-com After the Rain now! Just search: 9781472257734

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Almost a Bride
Zobrazit v iTunes
  • 99,00 Kč
  • K dispozici na iPhonu, iPadu, iPodu touch nebo Macu.
  • Kategorie: Romantická komedie
  • Vydáno: 31.01.2017
  • Vydavatel: Headline
  • Délka vydání: 384
  • Jazyk: Angličtina
  • Série: Kniha 2, Destination Love
  • Požadavky: Tuto knihu lze zobrazit jen na iOS zařízení s Apple Books na iOS 12 nebo novějším, iBooks 1.3.1 nebo novější a s iOS 4.3.3 nebo novějším, případně na Macu s iBooks 1.0 nebo novější a s OS X 10.9 nebo novějším.

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