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The Witch and other stories

Knihu lze stáhnout a číst v iBooks na Macu nebo iOS zařízení.


IT was approaching nightfall. The sexton, Savely Gykin, was lying in his huge bed in the hut adjoining the church. He was not asleep, though it was his habit to go to sleep at the same time as the hens. His coarse red hair peeped from under one end of the greasy patchwork quilt, made up of coloured rags, while his big unwashed feet stuck out from the other. He was listening. His hut adjoined the wall that encircled the church and the solitary window in it looked out upon the open country. And out there a regular battle was going on. It was hard to say who was being wiped off the face of the earth, and for the sake of whose destruction nature was being churned up into such a ferment; but, judging from the unceasing malignant roar, someone was getting it very hot. A victorious force was in full chase over the fields, storming in the forest and on the church roof, battering spitefully with its fists upon the windows, raging and tearing, while something vanquished was howling and wailing…. A plaintive lament sobbed at the window, on the roof, or in the stove. It sounded not like a call for help, but like a cry of misery, a consciousness that it was too late, that there was no salvation. The snowdrifts were covered with a thin coating of ice; tears quivered on them and on the trees; a dark slush of mud and melting snow flowed along the roads and paths. In short, it was thawing, but through the dark night the heavens failed to see it, and flung flakes of fresh snow upon the melting earth at a terrific rate. And the wind staggered like a drunkard. It would not let the snow settle on the ground, and whirled it round in the darkness at random.

The Witch and other stories
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  • Bezplatné
  • K dispozici na iPhonu, iPadu, iPodu touch nebo Macu.
  • Kategorie: Beletrie a literatura
  • Vydáno: 01.01.1904
  • Vydavatel: Public Domain
  • Délka vydání: 301
  • Jazyk: Angličtina
  • Požadavky: Chcete-li zobrazit tuto knihu, potřebujete iOS zařízení s iBooks 1.3.1 nebo novější a iOS 4.3.3 nebo novější, nebo Mac s iBooks 1.0 nebo novější a OS X 10.9 nebo novější.

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