2 Songs, 5 Minutes


About Gift

Formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1994 by former Poison Idea leader Jerry A. (b. Jerry Lang, USA; guitar/vocals), alongside his wife, May May Del Castro (bass/vocals, ex-Destroy All Blonds) and Sam Henry (drums, ex-Wipers). Poison Idea had built a reputation as the most fearsome, brutal studio and performance band of their era, but the Gift allowed Jerry A. to indulge himself in more accessible pop punk (bizarrely, including both a Bauhaus and Tones On Tail cover version). The band’s shows were just as frenetic and violent, however, with the intention being to keep the group on the road on a semi-permanent basis. They did find the time to record a well-received debut album in 1994, though it was only given worldwide release a year later. Jerry A later rejoined Poison Idea for their abortive reunion in 1998.