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About Alex Lustig

Belgian electronic musician and producer Alex Lustig is an in-demand collaborator and beatmaker known for his experimental, often ambient style. Raised in Antwerp, Lustig first became interested in music after his mother brought home a piano when he was eight years old. Encouraged to play, Lustig studied privately, and often eschewed his school work to practice. During his teen years, he continued piano lessons at a local conservatory, balancing his classical studies with his growing interest in electronic and hip-hop music.

Influenced at first by rappers like Eminem and Kanye West, Lustig eventually began crafting his own beats utilizing computer software. A period suffering from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks led to his discovery of ambient music, which he found palliative. Later, he moved into more aggressive trap-style rhythms. He began e-mailing hip-hop artists to collaborate on tracks, and eventually caught the attention of rapper/singer SRH, with whom he produced the No Big Deal mixtape. He also connected with Hoodie Allen, and helped produce much of the rapper's 2016 album, Happy Camper. Other high-profile productions followed with Dizzy Wright, Young Thug, Machine Gun Kelly, and others.

As Lustig's skills deepened, he began creating more expansive, atmospheric tracks that were less rap-oriented and more stand-alone. In 2016 he released his debut solo EP of ambient electronica, Pure, featuring the tracks "Light" and "Voices." More singles followed, including "Halcyon," "Flaws," and "Surreal" featuring NOVAA. He also continued to stay busy working with other artists, producing tracks for Sonreal, French Montana, Alonzo, and others. In 2018 he delivered the singles "In the End" featuring Akacia, "Colder," and "Lies." ~ Matt Collar

Antwerp, Belgium