Simply Better. Easier-to-use, clean design, full control, and audio from more sources. Bookmobile provides a better experience for listening to audiobooks than any other app.

Try it for free! Download the app as a FREE TRIAL of up to 5 audiobooks for 60 days. If you like it, an In-App purchase will allow an unlimited number of audiobooks for $3.99 USD.

So, what do you get?

An interface optimized for listening to spoken word content, especially while driving. No sliders, dragging or other controls that are nearly impossible to get right while you are driving. Easy access to the controls that matter most while listening.

Get, play and manage audio content from a wide variety of sources: iTunes,,, CDs, public library downloads, RSS feeds, Dropbox, and more.

Auto-Bookmarks make it easy to find your place.

Customizable, exportable bookmarks (name, color, and notes) to keep track of special audio passages.

Complete control over audio files:
- Reorder parts/episodes.
- Change title of audiobooks, podcasts, parts, episodes.
- Cover artwork can be added or replaced -- just a simple copy-and-paste of any image from web or photo library.
- Download/delete/re-download audio files whenever you want.

Audio File Types Supported:
- DRM-enabled content (from or iTunes Store)
- non-DRM content (from web downloads, CDs, etc.)
- M4B audiobooks, including chapters, artwork
- MP3 audio files, including artwork, ID3 tags
- import individual audio files, folders of audio files, or Zip archives (including artwork image files)

Audio Import Options:
- add from on-device iTunes Library
- use your computer's web browser
- use iTunes File Sharing (no syncing required)
- Open in... Bookmobile from other apps, including Dropbox, Mail or Safari
- download from websites or local computer

Download straight into the app from iTunes Store,, and ListenUp Audiobooks.

Sleep Timer
- Easy access from main screen,
- Shake to add time before or after expiration,
- Auto-screen dimming,
- Stop at the current chapter end, or any number of minutes.

- easily search and browse through thousands of podcasts,
- import from RSS feed,
- import in mass from OPML file,
- check for new episodes in all your podcasts or each individually,
- customize artwork and titles,
- bookmarks fully supported with name, notes, and color,
- specify play order priorities (oldest, newest, next newest, etc) for each podcast,
- specify auto-download settings (limits, wifi-requried, replacement policy) for each podcast,
- specify skip amounts (opening, closing, driving mode) for each podcast.

Playback Speed can be adjusted from slightly faster (10%) to double speed, with lots of options in-between.

Bluetooth/Remote controls
- Pause/Play
- 30-sec skip (or your custom value)

AirPlay support allows redirection of audio output.

Mix audiobooks and podcast episodes in playlist.

and more!!!


Version 7.9.2

Alright, I'm still working on a major update, but I've found this feature too useful to hold up...

Pin Drop/Play:
There's a new "push pin" icon on the main screen that creates a "Pin Dropped" bookmark. Once that has been tapped, a "push pin play" icon is available, which will, you guessed it, play from the dropped pin location.

Why is this useful? Well, let's say you're done listening to an audiobook, and you hit pause, and put your phone away, but something happens that causes the audiobook to start playing again without you noticing (bluetooth, "pocket dial", etc.). Sometime later, you open the app and discover you're not where you expected, so you have to dig through the bookmarks to find where you last paused. With the Push Pin, whenever you're done listening for a while, you "drop a pin", then it doesn't matter what happens, when you open the app back up, you push the new "push pin play" icon, and you're right back where you left off. Or, perhaps you want a simpler method to create custom bookmarks, without having to wade through the sea of Pause or auto-bookmarks to find the one to customize. Just drop a pin (no need to pause), and customize it later (they're gold colored, so they're easy to find). Or, maybe you want to play a particular section of the audio over and over. Just drop a pin at the start location, and hit the "push pin play" button to get back to it as many times as you like.

When you customize a "Pin Dropped" bookmark, a new bookmark is created, so you don't lose your "pin".

There's also a couple of bug fixes.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.0 von 5
29 Bewertungen

29 Bewertungen

_-_Alex_-_ ,

Hervorragend für Hörbücher geeignet

Ich habe die App zunächst eine Weile kostenlos ausprobiert und dann doch gekauft. Die Abspielgeschwindigkeit kann in mehreren Schritten eingestellt werden, Abspielposition wird gespeichert und die Kontrolle ist super.

Allerdings sollte man NIE die Funktion „Add all audiobooks“ verwenden, das ist echt fatal. In meinem Fall wurden einzelne Tracks als Bücher abgelegt und so hatte ich plötzlich einige Hundert „Bücher“.

Dennoch - es ist eine tolle App und ich nutze sie wirklich gerne. Sie lief einwandfrei mit IOS 12 Beta und jetzt mit der finalen Version.

b3rn4rd ,

Podcasts UND Audiobooks

Geniale Idee, tolle Bedienung, das Design könnte einen Tick besser sein, aber beim Hören sehe ich das ja nicht.

Freshman666 ,

Funktioniert einfach!

Die App funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Steuerung ist einfach, und Hörbücher können aus allen denkbaren Quellen geladen werden, audible, iTunes oder Browser aus den lokalen Netz, alles funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Steuerung ist einfach und unkompliziert, Klasse!


Freshmowed Software
65.5 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



Kennzeichnung: 4+
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