Carbonize converts your source code into beautiful sharable images through

Easily access the excellent utility you know from the web right from your desktop.

Carbonize features:
- Easily drag source code onto the Dock icon.
- Send code to Carbonize through the Services menu.
- Drag generated images into Finder, apps or social media.
- Instant, offline image creation. features:
- Syntax highlighting.
- Multiple themes.
- Multiple fonts.
- Customizable background colors.

Note that generating images from text is detrimental for people with visual impairment. It also prevents your readers from copy-pasting your snippet into their work. Consider alternatives in the form of regular code blocks with syntax highlighting for websites, adding an image description, or linking to the code in plain text.

Built on top of Carbonize is not affiliated with or Dawn Labs.


Version 1.2

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### Added

* A standard Toolbar with a new Export Menu.
* Option to export images using a regular Save Panel.
* A Sharing Service Picker to easily copy your images into apps you use often.
* Export keyboard shortcut: CMD + E
* The option to clear image cache. (The Floating Window caches the exported image on disk.)
* Optional automatic image cache clearing on quit. (Enabled by default.)
* A Release Notes window that shows what's new when the app first launches.

### Changed

* There's a brand new Export Menu that allows you to choose between two different export options:
- The Floating Window that you're familiar with.
- A standard Save Panel that will just save the file where you want.
* I've grouped together the items in Preferences in separate categories.

### Removed

* The Tweet button used the Carbon API behind the scenes. It wasn't working as reliable as I wanted it to and I decided to remove the Tweet button for now.

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Boy van Amstel
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macOS 10.14 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



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