Take the guess work out of pain management with Chronic Pain Tracker. Record your pain history with 19 unique health categories. Review a Summary Report with your doctor in the app, or export a PDF for printing/emailing. For less than a typical insurance co-pay, you can improve the management of your pain.

CPT Lite is our introductory level app which let's you try out all of the features with none of the cost. Like what you see? If so, continue using this version by purchasing diary expansion packs to increase the number of Diary Entries you can create (beyond the initial 20 entry limit). If you like it, you can enable additional diary capacity via in-app purchases OR purchase our CPT Pro app for all our features with none of the restrictions.


# iPhone & iPad interfaces available within a single Universal app!

# Within each Diary Entry, you can include one or more of the following 19 Tracker modules:
 + Pain Triggers
 + Pain Onset Speed
 + Pain Intensity Level
 + Pain Description
 + Pain Location Mapping
 + Effective Treatments
 + Pain Duration
 + Medication Tracking
 + General Comments
 + Other Symptoms
 + Health Milestones
 + Bowel Movements
 + Weather Tracking
 + Body Weight, Height & BMI
 + Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate
 + Activity Level
 + Mental State
 + Sleep History
 + Fatigue (Mental & Physical) Levels

# Multiple features to help make the creating of Diary Entries efficient and accurate
 + "Tracker Collection" - templates allow you to predefine the Trackers you want to group into an entry
 + "Copy Last Entry" - for each Tracker allows you to bring forward the contents of your last entry
 + “Customizable Lists” - need to add a new pain description or medication? No problem, you can do that without exiting the entry
 + "Multiple Diary Support" - manage more than one diary within the app (available as an add-on feature)

# Pain Location Mapping Tracker enables precise documentation of your pain
 + We now offer 4 virtual body options to choose from: Generic, Male, Female, Migraine (head & upper torso)
 + Use up to 4 different colors to indicate location and levels of pain intensity
 + Zoom & Panning allow you to focus on exact pain locations
 + Skin, Muscular, Skeletal, & Dermatome overlays
 + Automated compositing of the pain maps within Summary Reports provides a detailed view of your pain location history

# Multiple Reporting Options Available
 + Diary Entry - PDF of a single Diary Entry’s data
 + Diary History - A range of Diary Entries to a PDF
 + Summary Report - Aggregate & analyze your pain history with more than 60 unique graphs
+ Calendar Report - Pain levels and key milestones in calendar format (Optional Feature)
+ Comparison Report - Graphically compare metrics of two different time periods (Optional Feature)

# Share your reports with your Doctor or Care Provider:
 + Print directly from the app to printers supporting Apple AirPrint standard
 + Send PDF report via e-mail from within the app
 + Synchronize Exported PDF reports via Dropbox

# Tracker Customization Options
 + All Tracker lists (eg. pain descriptions, medications, etc) can be customized as needed.
 + Numerous settings available to tailor each Tracker to your unique needs.

If you are suffering with chronic pain, you know it can be difficult to communicate pain history to your doctor. Empower yourself at your next doctor’s visit with the app that allows you to:
1) Track your pain history,
2) Aggregate that data so that it is concise and meaningful,
3) Communicate it effectively to your doctor

Chronic Pain Tracker is the solution that addresses all 3 of those requirements.

This application was designed and developed by a chronic pain sufferer. It’s being used by thousands of people every day to improve the management of their chronic pain. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

Find out more at our website:


Version 3.8.10


Before installing this version, you should create a backup of your current database to protect against possible data loss.

FIXED - An additional bug that could cause a repeating processing loop in the Report processing engine.
FIXED - A bug that caused the Diary Filter Change button to disappear from the iPad UI. iPhone devices were not effected by this bug.
FIXED - Some other minor code issues that weren't bugs, but needed to be updated.

CPT 3.8.9 - RELEASE NOTES - Released May 20, 2018

FIXED - Intermittent crash during Summary Report generation process. This update actually includes quite a lot of improvements to the report generation architecture. Our focus was to increase the stability of the app during the generation process (particularly of reports with larger data sets) and to improve the overall processing speed. So far, stability has definitely gone in the right direction. Performance is better, but will obviously depend on the content of your specific diary data and report date range being processed. We'd love to get some feedback on these changes from our users.
FIXED - Bug that could cause app to behave erratically if two database restore processes were performed without any other database action between them.
FIXED - A problem with certain Comparison Report graphs that included histogram plots with variable y-axis data labels. The labels were not displaying properly.
FIXED - Consistency issue of how Pressure Trend data was graphed and labeled in on screen and in the various PDF report formats.
FIXED - The algorithm used to recommend a set of discrete ranges between a low and high value for graphing purposes was functioning correctly, but in certain circumstances the set needed an additional range to be added in order to accomodate the full set of report data. This has now been corrected.
FIXED - Bug that could cause the Report Timeframe Selection Table to not display any options for a particular Diary. Only recorded one user experiencing the bug, so it was very rare before and should be gone for good now.
IMPROVED - The Diary Entry History Table is one of the most interacted with parts of the app. We've spent some time here improving the drawing speed and caching capabilities so that the table will scroll more fluidly for you. Cells will draw in the background and appear as soon as the image is ready to display.
IMPROVED - Per user request, in the Blood Pressure Tracker we have lowered the minimum value of the systolic dial from 70 to 50 mmHg.
IMPROVED - Lots of other "under the hood" changes to improve the stability of the app. These changes are also precursors for our next major release (v4.0) which we are hard at work on.
IMPROVED - Internal Image Caching Engines. CPT uses image caching in several locations to enhance the performance of the app. These caches have helped performance, but in the past they've also been less than perfectly stable. We've now upgraded our caching code to be much more stable while still delivering even better performance than in the past. You'll see this mainly in the DiaryEntry History table and when viewing Reports & Report Graphs within the app.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Ole aus Köln ,

Geniale App!!

Seit nunmehr 2 Jahren (!!) nutze ich diese App (nicht mehr die lite-Version), um aufzuzeichnen, wie es mir geht. Nach 5 OPs an der Wirbelsäule bin ich chronischer Schmerzpatient. Hier, mit dieser App, kann ich sehen, in welcher Richtung sich der Tablettenkonsum, die Schmerzen und viele andere beobachtete Dinge entwickeln. Da sind die Schmerzverteilung, frei über eine Grafik einzugeben, der Schlaf, dessen Qualität, die Stimmung, Müdigkeit, und nicht zuletzt das Wetter, das automatisch bei der Eingabe neuer Daten aufgezeichnet und gespeichert wird. Man kann am Ende Grafiken erzeugen (lassen), die die Entwicklung der letzten Tage, Wochen oder Monate darstellen.
Der Support ist (nein, ich bin nicht bezahlt! 😝) genial, schnell, super.
Beachtet man die Zeit, in der ich die App nun schon nutze, ist der Preis marginal...

Vermutlich ist das Thema Krankheit und Schmerz nichts, worüber man in der westlichen Welt offen redet - weshalb nur wenige Menschen hier eine Bewertung hinterlassen.
Mir hat die App bei der Erkennung bestimmter Zusammenhänge sehr geholfen - deshalb lobe ich sie auch an dieser Stelle! 😊

Mueller111 ,

Richtig gute App!

Hat mir extrem geholfen meine Schmerzen einfach und unkompliziert festzuhalten.

mucmaat ,

(light Version) Idee hervorragend

hier ist offenbar sehr überlegt herangegangen. Eine Katastrophe allerdings ist die Übersetzung. Leider in jeder Hinsicht! Dies dürfte bei einem solch hohen Preis eigentlich nicht so sein. Ich werde deswegen sehr überlegen müssen die App zu kaufen obgleich ich soetwas bräuchte.


Chronic Stimulation, LLC
75.1 MB
Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Japanisch, Spanisch
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© 2009-2018 Chronic Stimulation, LLC
  1. Diary Expansion (Unlimited Entries) 6,99 €
  2. Multi-Diary Support 2,29 €
  3. Diary Expansion (50 Entries) 1,09 €


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