Native Lossless Audio for macOS with BS2B support

Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on top of the award-winning BASS technology, supports cristal-clear bit-perfect playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience.

Saves your battery
Colibri uses a barely noticable amount of computing power during the playback of your music.

Plays your audio
- FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA, DSD (DSDIFF and DSF encoding), WavPack
- Ogg Vorbis, MP1/MP2/MP3 and AAC/M4A
- network streams/online radio
- Chiptune and Tracker music
- MOD and MIDI files (with per song SoundFont support)
- 10-band Equalizer
- Automatic Sample Rate Switching

Handles CUE Sheets
Reads, processes - and to some extent - sanitizes cue sheets

Supports gapless playback
Colibri is extensively designed from the ground-up to provide a true gapless listening experience - with or without using a Cue Sheet.

Picks up where you left off
Saves your current playlist upon quitting and re-opens your songs when you start it up again.

Avoids most problems
Colibri does its' best to avoid most problems before, during and after playback.

Understands your language
Colibri is capable of rendering the song information as it was intended to be shown: of all the tried metadata it had no problem with displaying cyrillic or kanji/katakana/hiragana characters mixed with ASCII.

Respects your privacy
Colibri does not phone home, collect usage data or modify files in any way.

Displays album art - Colibri displays embedded cover art for FLAC files and ID3/iTunes artwork metadata for other files (mainly M4A / ALAC and MP3). When that yields not results then it looks in the folder where the current song resides for a cover art image.

Resides in your Menu Bar
Colibri can place an unobtrusively small icon in the Menu Bar for easy access and playlist control

Integrates with Finder
Colibri conforms all of Apple's strict requirements

Adjusts to your Display
Colibri's interface elements scale themselves nicely on every screen resolution and pixel density.


Version 1.9

Thank you for using Colibri! This update features a completely new DSD playback implementation and fixes Automatic Sample Rate Swithing for most of the previously not working DACs and also improves stability. Happy listening!

- BASS has been updated to 2.4.14
- DSD playback has been completely rewritten from scratch
- DSD PCM mode will automatically use highest supported sample rate
- Settings -> Output has revamped DSD and Sample Rate Switching sections
- Audio core has been further optimized for multi-threaded playback
- improved gapless playback compatibility with BASSZXTUNE
- further decreased memory usage when preloading next song
- device disconnect handling has been enhanced: reconnect your device and hit play! The default output is used as fallback should the device still be missing.

- selected audio output should now properly be retained on restart
- Menu Bar Controller would not properly update song info on track changes
- pre-amp would not restore properly when switching profiles
- empty playlist when adding from Finder wouldn't work
- Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn't work properly with USB DACs
- DSD DoP / DoP AA modes would not work
- DSD sample rate would stay fixed at 88.2 kHz in PCM mode
- Pause wouldn't work during DSD playback
- Automatic Sample Rate Switching wouldn't work properly with Exclusive / Hog mode
- pressing Previous during DSD playback wouldn't work as expected
- playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file could cause Colibri to crash
- playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file with 0 dB enabled wouldn't restore the system volume
- attempting to play DST encoded DSD files would cause Colibri to crash (DST encoding is still unsupported!)
- preloaded DSD files would not properly raise the volume if requested
- DSD playback with pre-cache would always properly show the total time of the song
- preloaded channel wouldn't always properly set the internal mixer's sample rate
- DSD playback would sometimes disable the volume slider even without 0dB option being enabled
- pre-cache wouldn't work while Force Sample Rate is enabled
- pre-cache trigger wouldn't properly fire with very high resolution DSD files
- Colibri would sometimes crash on quitting
- importing SF2/SFZ MIDI SoundFont would cause a crash
- colibriTheme file association would not properly register with Finder
- fixed a crash regarding file loading and removal
- removing multiple files one by one could cause a crash

Special thanks to Henning Gärtner, Ian Chen, Sempov, John Mastwijk, Hiroki Okudera, Kai-Hsiang Chuang, Minh Ho, Lenny Park and Katherine Noell for providing essential feedback.

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6 Bewertungen
rott.weiler ,

Sehr agiler Entwickler / Deutlich verbesserte Version!

Die Version 1.9 (Build 396) stellt eine deutliche Verbesserung der App dar. Inzwischen hat der Entwickler einen Workaround für die Klicks bei der DSD Wiedergabe bereitgestellt. (Ausgabemodus PCM für DSD Files). Die Klangqualität der App ist hervorragend. 5 Sterne folgen, sobald DoP ohne klick funktioniert.

The Version 1.9 (Build 396) is true improvement of the App! The Developer delivered a Workaround for the clicking Noises at DSD Playback. (PCM Mode as Playbackmode for DSD Files). The Sound Quality of this App is excellent! 5 Star Review follows, as soon, as DSD Playback via DoP works without clicking

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Edit: I've released update 1.9, please try it - I hear it now switches correctly with an RME ADI-2 Pro ;)

Thank you for your feedback, I'll look into what's causing this problem!

cjc-team ,

Super App

Funktioniert einwandfrei und wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you so much!! :-)

Thietmar ,

So nicht brauchbar

Zeigt manchmal keine Cover an. Wenn ich auf den Taste „nächste Lied“ drücke, wird das aktuelle Lied wiederholt. Ich kann kein Verzeichnis oder einzelne Lieder auf dem Icon im Dock ablegen. Wenn der Player minimiert ist und ich auf Pause drücke, dann überdeckt das „Pausen“ Icon die Bedienelemente. Beim hinzufügen von Liedern, kann ich nur ergänzen, einfach ein einzelnes Lied auf den Player ablegen und gleich hören geht nicht, man muß immer erst das gewünschte Lied auswählen und starten. Das die Spielzeit immer unten angezeigt wird und nicht am Fortschrittsbalken ist unbrauchbar, besonders wenn man die Playliste geöffnet hat. Zu wenig Einstellmöglichkeiten.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Dear Thietmar,

Thank you for your feedback! In the update released a few hours ago (1.8.1) the Dock icon drag and drop issue has been fixed, I've added an option in Settings to turn the notifications (volume, seeking, paused) on or off among other things and the cover loading feature has been extended to support more file formats beside FLAC and folder art. For the repeat issue, please check the Settings as I have made some modifications there as well - let me know how does Colibri work after the update. Happy listening!


Gabor Hargitai
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OS X 10.10 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



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