Concentric Rhythm is an interactive tool for generating, developing, and exploring musical patterns. It uses geometric transformations and many other simple processes to create, develop, and evolve music.

The looping musical timeline is visualized as a circle, which allows you to treat musical patterns as concentric shapes. This makes performing geometric transformations such as rotations, reflections and folding very natural and intuitive.
It also provides tools for melodic lines such as random-walk generation and scale-based inversion and transposition.
You can generate rhythmic lines using cross-rhythms or the Euclidean algorithm, and allows for great visualisations of complex polyrhythms.

Concentric Rhythm now allows you to assign each pattern to a different MIDI channel and send your results to other MIDI compatible apps or devices.

Concentric Rhythm was originally developed as a new way to improvise electronic music, but it is also a great tool experimenting with and developing musical material, or just for casually playing with music in a unique, hands-on, way.

Many of the ideas here were inspired by the book ‘The Geometry of Musical Rhythm’ and this app is a powerful tool for anyone who is interested in exploring these ideas. But at the same time is easy enough to use that anyone (even with no musical or mathematical background) can make interesting musical patterns and think about the musical world a little differently.


Version 2.0

Many, many changes!
- Inter-App Audio and Audiobus Compatibility
- MIDI Send (as IAP)
- Landscape for iPad
- Completely redesigned Note List now integrated into main display
- Velocity based transformations
- Global reverb control
- User sample management
- Improved system for project saving
- Tempo calculations based on user selected meter
- Many bug fixes

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Polyrhythm is cool


Das hier ist der Hammer kostenlos und genial! Wenn man noch Midi will, dann den Purchase kaufen. Hatte die ganze Zeit nur Necklace und das hier dagegen ist besser!Danke

Nice App!


Concentric is really good for training. There are much more features that I actually would not need but thats okay. For future updates please enable lower bpm. The lowest is actually 40 bpm which is a really fast for learning complex rythms. I guess putting the limit down to something like 5 (which im often using for practicing) is an easy adjustment for the developers. All in all the app is great and does a good job.

great polyrhythmical app


Beautifully programmed and very intuitive to learn! Keep up the good work Jeff! Prof.Dave King (bass guitar), Mannheim, Germany.


Jeff Holtzkener
37.2 MB
Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© Jeff Holtzkener
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