“ We believe GAMEPLAY COMES FIRST and everyone enjoys beautiful graphics.

By constantly adding so many features into E.R.A such as a variety of 110 enemies, 4 Hero units with 14 skills, 10 Forces with 8 advanced abilities, epic Boss fights and combination of both open and fixed paths maps, we are desperate to create one of the best TDs in App Store, for a TD fan like you and ourselves. ”

◆◆◆iPad/iPhone version BOTH FREE for a limited time! ◆◆◆ 
◆◆◆Full Retina support, epic gameplay!◆◆◆

"Super Awesome New TD! " --- squidoo

"Editor's choice, rated A!" --- iReviewT

★★★★★ TD fans review of iPad version ★★★★★

"The best TD game ever made! I adore this game. It's hands down the best TD game ever made, and I've played them all. The game is truly brilliant, beautiful, artistic, and mind-numbingly hard. The levels are clever, and the gameplay amazing and smooth." --- by Erinreid

"Best td game on ipad. Looking for a good td game this is it fun and the upgrades are cool long playability." --- by Nearrry

"The best all around TD. This adventure is incredible. I can't say enough good things about it. Yes, I like it more than Kingdom rush, and right now, possibly more than Fieldrunners and I am a TD fanatic." --- by Cdog47

"Thumbs Up! A must have for defense lovers!! Great gameplay, great eye candy and sound fx!" --- by TexasGal69

"Great game! Great art style, great towers and hero, unlock system, iap for the impatient since casual mode has been a blast." --- by Corani

Future update:
Gameplay Improvement, More Levels and Endless maps

Encounter.Resolve.Ally -- The E.R.A Project
★★★★★ Key Features ★★★★★

【40 Levels & an epic finale in Campaign, 45 Levels in Challenge & 9 Levels in Endless mode!】
--Including both Fixed-Path and Open-Field maps!
--Battles begin in [Dark Forest] on planets of G581, and continue all the way through to the [Glacial] & mysterious [Mayan], and finally reach the CORE of relentless enemies, a total of *8 series*, and NOT one boring fight!

【A staggering variety of 100 Enemies!】, 30 unique of them with their own skills that you've never seen before in a defense game.
--Including 8 Space Ships and Submarine, and secret creatures to be discovered!

【6 Boss】, and one more 【Ultimate Mega-Boss】
--Intense Boss fights, and remember, it’s not only defense anymore Commander!

【10 Forces】, with 8 advanced abilities.
--A variety of types with solid upgrading, and each has special ability (to be unlocked) that will significantly help you fight against all sorts of enemies.

【4 Heroes】, with 11 Abilities, 3 Special Skills
--Teleport Hero wherever you want, and use abilities to control the battle. Hero levels up and unlocks more and more seriously powerful abilities when you progress through Campaign.

【3 Modes】, including the non-repeating “Endless” challenge!
--[Campaign]: 3 Difficulty, a variety of gameplay & heaps of fun.
--[Challenge]: Extreme & intense levels that bring gameplay to a whole new level!
--[Endless]: The most challenging mode where almost EVERY wave of enemies is new (not repeated), and compete with players all over the world through Game Center leaderboard.

【35 Achievements + E.R.A. Wiki】
--Heaps of interesting achievements and background stories for you to check out, plus over 40 tips and hints designed to help you become an expert in no time.

【More Features On Their Way】
--You can enjoy the game thoroughly without having to buy any IAPs, they are only designed to enable quick access to level-up or Special Skills. And the best of all, we are constantly adding new cool features such as new Endless maps and enemies!

So, Commander, best of luck and we surely hope you enjoy this journey!

Feel free to contact us, we are always here for you:
◆Email: support@illumesoft.com
◆Forum: www.illumesoft.com/forum
◆Website: www.illumesoft.com
◆Facebook: facebook.com/ERAisHere
◆Twitter: @eraishere
◆Weibo: weibo.com/topcreativity


Version 2.0

Thank you all for your patience! We bring you the brand new maps for Challenge and Endless mode!

1. 5 FREE maps for fun & brutal Challenge mode;

2. 5 FREE maps for Endless battles, intense and exciting!

3. 30,000 FREE I.E. points if you verify your account on -- The latest exciting strategy game from Illumesoft that you don't want to miss in 2014!

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Generell gut aber...

Marek Olivar

Eigentlich eines der besten TD Games für iOS das für Grafik, Idee und Umfang 5/5 Sternen verdienen würde, wären da nicht einige Mankos:

1.) zu schwer in "endless mode" wenn man keine credits kauft und rausschleudert. (Kein Einfluss auf die Wertung, da dennoch erspielbar)

2.) einige Spielinhalte sind ohne (recht teure) IAPs nicht erreichbar
(1 Stern Abzug)

3.) versprochene Updates fehlen weiter ( seit 2012!!!)
(1 Stern Abzug)

4.) es gibt mittlerweile eine App von einem Lizenznehmer welche auf aktuellerem Stand ist, aber IAPs, Fortschritte und Achievements werden nicht übernommen
(1 Stern Abzug)

5.) das aktuellste Update kann nur genutzt werden wenn man ein weiteres Spiel von Ilumesoft lädt, spielt und persönliche Daten teilt...
(1 Stern Abzug)

Ich würde sagen, wenn diese Punkte korrigiert werden könnte es wieder ein gutes Spiel sein

Der Text fehlt


Leider fehlt jeder Text bzw. ist nicht da.

Absolut das best-ever Tower Defense Spiel...


...das ich je gespielt habe. Ich habe noch nicht das Upgrade und mache (grundsätzlich) keine IAP...vermutlich auch daher: sehr fordernd, aber tolle upgrades die man sich erarbeiten kann über sehr sehr viele Level (mache bisher nur Campaign-Mode). Sehr sehr langer Spielspass mit hohem Suchtfaktor :) danke Illumesoft !


Illumesoft Inc
365.7 MB
Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.
Englisch, Niederländisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Tradit. Chinesisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch
Freigabe 9+ für Folgendes:
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Zeichentrick- oder Fantasy-Gewalt
© 2014 Illumesoft Inc.
  1. New Maps+Hero Bundle 3,49 €
  2. Captain's I.E. 2,29 €
  3. Colonel's I.E. 5,49 €


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