EasyTrails GPS is the GPS tracker application for your iPhone.
The perfect application for those who are passionate about OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and TRAVELING, everybody who likes outdoor sports, and not only.

- Featured by Apple in November 2014
- BEST Italian APP 2011, 2013 Sport by
- More than 100 weeks at top 10 Sport IT
- More than 14 weeks at overall top 10 IT

Are you going for a bike or motorcycle ride? Well, EasyTrails GPS will tell you how many miles you traveled, how much time you spent, how high you climbed and many other details. In real-time it will show you the course on a map, comparing it with downloaded tracks and points of interest.

You can import or share all tracks and waypoints, photos and ideas for new journeys with your friends.

Share where you are on Facebook and Twitter through your GPS position, and export your tracks in standard formats, so you can review them on Google Earth, SportTracks and TrailsRunner. Or simply upload them to online services like Garmin Connect, or many others.

It's possible to import tracks by e-mail or Safari (EasyTrails can handle GPX, KML/KMZ and ZIP file formats), or by wi-fi networks, using an improved and easy to use web-based sharing feature.

Calculate routes and let EasyTrails guide you using the new navigation capabilities. You can also let it guide you through previously recorded tracks.
Additionally, EasyTrails GPS can communicate with navigators like Maps, Google Maps, TomTom or Waze (if installed) for more advanced guidance needs.

Load custom cartography, EasyTrails supports KMZ and MBTILES formats.

EasyTrails GPS is easy to use and extremaly accurate. It ensures the maximum duration of battery thanks to the possibility of recording in "StandBy" mode. However, be aware that use of GPS, even in background, will have a significant impact on battery duration.

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► Heart rate monitoring (paid)

We added the ability to connect to compatible Bluetooth heart rate monitors (such as Polar H6 and H7 devices). Heart rate can be seen in real time from the dashboard.

With the 'Heart rate monitoring' in-app purchase:
- heart rate data will be associated to GPS tracks
- saved tracks will have an extra heart rate chart
- heart rate data will be saved to HealthKit

Additionally, with the 'Colored tracks' in-app purchase, it will be possible to highlight heart rate data directly on the map screen of a recorded track.


- Support for many different map types
- Support for different coordinate systems
- Support for user-loaded offline cartography (KMZ and MBTILES)
- Export tracks (single or multiple) in standard formats (GPX, KML/KMZ and CSV), with their associated waypoints and pictures
- Import tracks (GPX and KML/KMZ)
- Import waypoints (GPX and KML/KMZ)
- Resume recording of tracks
- Save waypoints with photos and descriptions
- Navigate to a point of interest
- Sharing via Facebook and Twitter
- Follow a path/track
- Navigate (distance / direction) towards any waypoint
- Navigate (distance / direction) towards any track marker (start / pause / resume / end points)
- Advanced Navigation to a waypoint using any navigation app you may have installed
- Upload tracks to GPSies (
- Upload tracks to SportTracks (
- Upload tracks to OpenTrail (
- Upload tracks to OkMap (
- Real-time visualization of distance, speed, altitude bearing and other data
- Map Visualization in different modes: street map, satellite, hybrid, terrain
- Charts (elevation profiles, ...)
- Digital Compass
- Heart rate monitoring
- Turn by turn directions
- High battery duration (record in standby)
- Select between metric, imperial and nautical measuring systems
- Intuitive and User Friendly interface
- Lightweight, reliable and accurate
- Doesn't require internet connection


Version 9.20

Optimizations for iPhone X displays
Added shortcut to download an offline map covering the area of a saved track
Added support for Open Topo Maps
Added more variants of Thunderforest (Open Cycle Maps) maps
Added ability to supply API key for Open Cycle Maps and variants

Bewertungen und Rezensionen



Verbraucht auf dem iPhone X kaum Batterie, ca. 10% für ca 7 Stunden GPS Aufzeichnung.

Easy Trail Version 5.0 mit iphone 4s Version 5.0.1


Die Software ist leicht zu handhaben und funktioniert ausgezeichnet. Es ist eine prima Produkt, dass man nur empfehlen kann, weil alles gehalten wird, was in der Beschreibung versprochen ist. Nur natürlich frisst es Akku in Verbindung mit Ortungsdienste. Für ein 1,5 stündige Wanderung habe ich ca. 20% der Akkuleistung verbraucht.

Hervorragender Support


Easytrails funktioniert hervorragend für Leute, die eigene Tracks und Waypoints importieren wollen. Leider klappte seit dem iOS 8 Upgrade die WLAN Funktion nicht. Eine Mail an die Entwickler wurde am Samstag Abend um 21:30 innerhalb von 20 Minuten beantwortet.

Es wurde ein alternativer funktionierender Weg genannt und ein Bugfix versprochen. Nicht nur die App ist gut, auch der Support lässt einen nicht im Regen stehen!


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Erfordert iOS 8.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Niederländisch, Portugiesisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Tradit. Chinesisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch
Kennzeichnung: 4+
Diese App verwendet möglicherweise deinen Standort, selbst wenn sie nicht geöffnet ist. Dadurch kann sich die Batterielaufzeit verkürzen.
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