IMPORTANT: The development of Fester Mudd games has been cancelled, and this episode is the only one available. Please note that it was designed to be part of a trilogy, and you will not experience the full story as the other two episodes won’t become available. The developer sincerely wishes to thank everyone who played and supported the journey of Fester Mudd.

“One of the more substantial under-the-radar releases” -Toucharcade

“Fester Mudd is a breezy little slice of point-and-click fun. The retro aesthetic will please Monkey
Island fans, but great writing and clever, logical puzzles mean that anyone can enjoy this game. “ - Silver Award 8 out of 10 -Pocket Gamer

“A fantastic tribute to adventure games from ages ago.” –Toucharcade

“Invoking classic adventure games of old, Fester Mudd is both a homage to those greats and its own
master in demonstrating what's so memorable about the genre.” -148Apps 4 out of 5

“It has a great soundtrack, very funny dialogs and everything else that makes an adventure game great.”

Set in the Wild West, FESTER MUDD: CURSE OF THE GOLD is a three-part comic saga of exploration, reunion, and redemption...and a love letter to the classic adventure games of the 90s!

Roused from a life of sloth to reunite with his long-lost brother in search of unimaginable riches, reluctant hero Fester Mudd somehow manages to be intrepid but cowardly, ambitious yet lazy, dimwitted but brilliant.

In Episode 1, Fester hits the trail to join his brother, Bud, in the downtrodden town of Loamsmouth. But when Bud is found to have mysteriously vanished, Fester realizes that the journey will be far longer and more treacherous than he bargained for...and he must enlist the aid of an experienced gunslinger to help him make his way through Indian territory to track down both his missing brother and the gold that awaits them both!

But gunslingers don't come cheap...and Fester must find a way to convince him to join him on the perilous quest.

This Episode sees Fester exploring Loamsmouth and surrounding territories. Along the way, he'll meet and deal with an assortment of Old West roughnecks, flim-flammers, and other larger-than-life characters...and give adventure game fans a huge blast from the past!

* Universal build with iCloud saving!
* Lush graphics and vivid sound effects that bring the Old West to life!
* Classic adventuring interface allowing for sophisticated interactions!
* Branching dialogues!
* Dozens of classic inventory-style puzzles!
* Overhead map for quick travel between regions!
* An original soundtrack that perfectly evokes the era of Old West and Old School Adventure Games!
* Cliffhanger ending that teases the next game in the series!
* Countless jokes, gags, and tips-of-the-hat to the golden-age adventures of Sierra and LucasArts!

*Sierra Online is a Trademark of Activision Blizzard Entertainment and LucasArts is a Trademark of Disney Inc.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.5 von 5

38 Bewertungen

38 Bewertungen

Spiel Top,Steuerung Flopp

Marvin D Petersen

Howdi das Spiel war der absolute Über-Apache, allerdings ist die Steuerung so mies das man Probleme hat die Rätsel zu lösen...werd mir jetzt erstmal im Muddstyle n Gläschen Moonshine reinziehn und ein Paar Kreuze anzünden 3:) tollen Arbeit bitte schnell Teil 2 , 3, 4 und 5 und 6 natürlich auch...und ne schöne Lady darf auch nicht fehlen in Zukunft

Eine Nostalgieträne im Augenwinkel


Man, so wie früher! Witzige Idee, Comicanimation, abgefahrene Locations und soviel Wortwitz, dass ich sofort an die gute, alte Zeit erinnert wurde. Hat mir viel Spass gemacht zu spielen, obwohl man nach knapp 2 Stunden schon durch ist.

Wo bleiben die restlichen Episoden?



Dürfte ich 6 Sterne vergeben, ich würde es tun. So fing damals meine Begeisterung für Adventures dieser Art.

An jene von euch, die Probleme mit den Save-Games haben:
Es hilft das Spiel wirklich zu beenden und neuzustarten, bevor man mit 'Continue' fortfährt. Bei mir klappts dann.
Freue mich sehr auf den zweiten Teil. :)


Replay Games
49.2 MB
Erfordert iOS 4.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, iPod touch (3. Generation), iPod touch (4. Generation), iPod touch (5. Generation) und iPod touch (6. Generation).
Freigabe 12+ für Folgendes:
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: realistisch dargestellte Gewalt
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Zeichentrick- oder Fantasy-Gewalt
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: simuliertes Glücksspiel
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Horror-/Gruselszenen
Häufig/stark ausgeprägt: obszöner oder vulgärer Humor
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Gebrauch von Alkohol, Tabak oder Drogen bzw. Verweise hierzu
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