GrandPerspective is a small utility application that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space.

Disk usage is visualised using tree maps. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size. Files in the same folder appear together.

Configurable display of views:
• Color files by their: name, extension, file type, parent folder, top folder, level in the folder hierarchy, creation time, modification time, or last access time
• Choice of color palettes
• Configurable mapping by file type
• Optionally view package contents
• Optionally view the entire volume

Convenient navigation of views:
• Traverse up and down the folder hierarchy
• Select files and folders in the view
• Preview files using Quick Look
• Reveal files and folders in Finder
• Delete files and folders from the view

Filter files and folders:
• Construct filter tests based an item's name, path, size, file type, hard-link status, and package status
• Filters and filter tests are automatically stored in the user preferences

Use these filters to:
• Mask files in the view
• Filter files from the view
• Exclude files and folders when scanning a disk

Multiple view support:
• Re-scan a view to compare results before and after clean-up
• Twin or duplicate a view for different displays of the same data

Support for hard-linked files and folders:
• Analyse Time Machine back-ups

Save results of disk scanning operations:
• Save, reload and view again at any time
• Save images of views

Snappy and responsive GUI:
• Optimized drawing of views
• Drawing and scanning are carried out in background threads

• Configurable user preferences
• Small memory and disk footprint
• Extensive help documentation


Version 2.1.2

• Show warning when the reported file size is larger than the actual size on disk
• Added preference setting for what should happen after you close the last scan window
• Extended help on file sizes to cover sparse files and online-only Dropbox files
• Auto-closing welcome window after an external action
• Improved compatibility with macOS Mojave
• Improved crash reports (by adding symbol info)

Bug fixes:
• Can't quit/about from welcome dialog
• View-dependent menu items sometimes wrongly enabled
• "Failed to initialize color list unarchiver" on macOS Mojave
• Exception when moving focus up

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9 Bewertungen
Meingottirgendeinname ,

Sehr schnelle Analyse

250GB (auf einer SSD) in ca. zwei Sekunden gescannt und visualisiert. Mit den Kästchen wird die Größe jeder Datei symbolisiert. Mehrere Farbpaletten zeigen an, welche der Dateien zuletzt aufgerufen, verändert, erstellt wurde usw. Wirklich top!

Jens Junge ,

Auf APFS langsam?

Nach dem Update auf High Sierra habe ich den Eindruck dass es wesentlich länger dauert, bis die Dateien gescannt sind. Oder ist die Version im App Store langsamer als die von Sourceforge geladene?

boepete ,

gute Übersicht

Schönes Programm, das eine gute Übersicht über die Festplatte/SSD gibt. Einfach zu bedienen, klar strukturiert, optisch ansprechend,noch dazu klein und günstig.


Erwin Bonsma
3 MB

OS X 10.9.0 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor


Deutsch, Chinesisch, Englisch, Niederländisch, Türkisch

Kennzeichnung: 4+
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