MetCalc is an app which calculates values for metal properties for 28 metals from aluminum to zirconium.
As a base for the calculations the specific properties like density, specific heat capacities (for several metals even as a dependence from temperature, including melting energy), thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity (for several metals also as dependance of temperature) for more than 25 metals from aluminum to zirconium are included. To proof the correctness of the specific values for the user, the source of the values and the uses specific values can also be shown.
The results and the input values can be given in a lot of units (e.g. energy in joule, kilojoules, calories, kilocalories, BTU).
The app answers questions like:
* What is the weight of metal cake or sheet with a certain width, length and thickness ?
* How long is a coil of metal rod with a certain weight and a certain diameter?
* How long is a strip of Nickel rolled down to a certain thickness at a given weight and width?
* What is the weight of tube with a certain wall thickness, diameter and length?
* What is the Energy you need to heat Magnesium to a certain Temperature even above melting temperature?What is the heatflow through a metal with a certain area, thickness and Temperature difference?
* What is the voltage drop in a metal at a certain current, diameter, length and temperature?
* What is the linear Expansion of a metal rod of a certain length by heating?

Another feature are the calculations to different targets: As an example you can calculate weight by given length, width and thickness. But you can calculate also length by given weight, width and thickness.
The results can be copied to clipboard in a way that they can be used in a spreadsheet program.
The app is suitable for all engineers, scientist, lecturers and craftsmen working with metals.
As there are often different specific values in the literature and some calculations are approximations there is no guarantee for the correctness of the calculated values.


Bernd Langner
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Erfordert iOS 11.2 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



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