You love watching movies and TV shows and especially the great quotes mentioned there?
Quotes in the movies are inspiring you, make you laugh, drive your life, make your day or just make you think about certain things?

Sometimes you may don't remember quotes from the movies but this can be changed.

Movie Quote Calendar delivers you each day a new quote from movies or TV shows in a nice and beautiful handmade way. All daily quotes in Movie Quote Calendar are picked manually for each specific day.
Each quote comes with a wide range of backgrounds which are randomly assigned to your "Quote of the day" which will make them unique to you.

Some of the quotes delivered to you by Movie Quote Calendar will make you laugh, think, rethink, some other may make you sad, whilst others will inspire your day or even your live or boost your creativity. Also they may will remind you to watch one or the other movie again or for the very first time because some of them are the best of all times. So visit the app each day to get the "Quote of day" and don't miss a single one of them.

All quotes are presented without letting you know which actor, person said this quote or from which movie the quote is. So it is up to you to proof your expertise on that topic and become a movie export with this quiz functionality. Within a simple double tap you can unveil the information about actor, person and movie whilst the final quote will be presented with another beautiful background.

Of course you have the option to mark the quotes as favourite and store them within the app. The favourite section is held in a nicely card layout to make is easy to swipe through your favorites.

Storing your favourite quotes in the app is good but it is so much better to share your favorites to the world, friends and family. With the "Share" option you can easily save quotes to your local picture library, sent them via messenger or share them on your preferred social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apart from sharing you can get easily more information about your favourite quote or movie as with a single click you can access more information on IMDb, Letterboxd and Amazon.

As all quotes are carefully picked manually for the app, so are all news in our "News" section as well. We are keeping an eye on some of the latest and most important news in the movie business and share it within the app.

We are already working on some more features to come to the app but we would love to hear your feedback as well under feedback@moviequotecalendar.com.

We hope you enjoy Movie Quote Calendar and would really appreciate your rating on the App Store.


Version 3.0

This time we went Inside Out!
We have rewritten the whole app to make sure you get the best of the best!
Each quote is now pixel perfect for your screen size in every way!
You can now switch on the fly between backgrounds...you like the coloured background...no problem...you rather like the movie poster as background...there you go!
We have updated all backgrounds and fonts to make them even more unique to you.
But we didn't stop there and also implemented a warp drive. The app is now faster than ever and can perform tasks in the background, so next day's quote is always ready when you return to the app!
You like to configure what kind of push notifications you would like to receive...no problem we got that sorted for you in the settings section of Movie Quote Calendar.
Of course you can still store your favourite quotes on your device but it now looks even better...all polished for you!
But hey...sometimes you missed a quote? So what...we integrated the flux capacitor which allows you to travel back in time!
How awesome is that!!!
In case you are updating the app from an older version, we are making sure that we transfer all your beloved favourites into the new format!
Make sure you have internet connection for that ride!
And there is much more to come...so stay tuned and enjoy the currently best version of Movie Quote Calendar.


Benjamin Schleef
20.8 MB
Erfordert iOS 10.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Freigabe 9+ für Folgendes:
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: obszöner oder vulgärer Humor
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