Multitracker is a live player that allows you to play multiple audio files and midi files comfortably and flexibly with the help of playlists.

If a USB audio interface is connected to the iPad, the audio tracks (stems) of a song can be routed to any of the outputs of the interface. At the same time, the headphone output can also be used as an additional routing destination, so that you have two additional channels available.

To play midi songs, Multitracker provides a midi player that allows each MIDI track to be assigned to any existing Midi device (whether via USB or iPad instrument such as Sound Canvas).

Of course a midi song can be played in sync with audio tracks.

If necessary, a metronome with 9 different click sounds and freely selectable time signature can be added to your song or be played alone.

It has never been easier to play multitrack and midi songs on stage!


- supports any class compliant audio interface
- Headphone output selectable as additional routing destination (2 additional channels)

Audio Player:
- unlimited number of audio tracks (stems) depending on the performance of your iPad
- Supports wav, mp3, flac, aac, ac3 (also mixed in one song)
- Each audio track (Stem) can be routed to any output
- Audio tracks can also be routed to outputs that are not currently connected
- Volume fader per track
- Solo and mute buttons per track
- Copy / Paste function for routing and volume for faster configuration
- List of all audio routings
- Output channel busses with faders and listing of all assigned stems

Midi Player:
- Supports MIDI Format 0 and 1
- Each MIDI track can be assigned any MIDI locations (external / internal) - at the same time
- Transpose for each track separately or for the entire song
- Midi Clock Send in sync with the Midi Song (without Song Position Pointer)
- Switchable automatic metronome
- changeable Tempo
- Program change commands adjustable for each channel and midi device
- Prgogram Changes can be sent when the song is started or loaded
- You can also save songs that contain only Program Change messages but no Midi Song

- can be played with or without Midi Song
- Choice of 9 different click sounds
- Time signature can be set arbitrarily
- Adjustable Click Duration
- Midi Clock synchronous to the metronome

- Playlist is easy to create with pre-configured songs
- Pause between songs on / off switchable
- Quicksave-option
- Display of faders configurable
- Size of faders configurable
- Playlists can be saved
- Playlists can be adjusted while playing
- FastForward / Rewind
- Pause
- Start / Stop / Pause / Skip / VolumeFader controllable via Midi (Midi Learn)

Live View:
- extra large song title (as well as next titles)
- extra large transport buttons
- Playlist View can be faded in
- Pause / Start Next Buttons can be faded in
Fast Forward / Rewind

- works in background
- import / export all song settings and playlists for backups and migration
- 3 free demo songs to download
- Multitracker is permanently extended and improved!

System Requirements:
- iPad with iOS 9 or later
- USB-Audio Interface (Class Compliant)
- Lightning to USB-Cable or Camera Connection Kit (if you want to provide your iPad with power when connected to USB Interface)


Version 2.07

- fixed issue with Midi Program changes in Song Configuration View
- minor bug fixes

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Bestens, macht was sie soll.

DJ Susan


Absolut das was man immer gesucht hat

Peter Düst

Ich kann nur sagen: Top Top Top👍. Da hat sich jemand absolut Gedanken gemacht. Absolut gut durchdachtes Live app. Absolut stabil im Live Betrieb, keine abstürze und vor allem ist die Bedienung sofort verständlich. Lange nach genau dem gesucht, was der Multitracker macht. Freue mich auf die nächsten Erweiterungen im Multitracker!



Eigentliche macht Multitracker nicht sehr viel aber was die App macht macht sie perfekt und zuverlässig. Wer seine Audio Files (gleichzeitig so viele Spuren wie benötigt und vom IPad geschafft werden) zuverlässig und in hohe Auflösung oder auch einfach nur in MP3 abspielen lassen will kommt an dieser App nicht vorbei. Eine Setliste erstellen und Song für Song mit nur einem Klick abspielen.Perfekte Live Performance.Ich nutze Multitracker mit vorgemischten Cubase Stereo Spuren und einem RME Babyface Pro Audio Interface.Da jeder Spur ein anderer Ausgang zugeordnet werden kann (sofern das Audio Interface dies anbietet) kann ich unserem Drummer eine Klick Spur schicken und andere Spuren als Gruppen getrennt an den Front Mixer schicken.(Z.B. Keyboards,Drums,Gitarren usw.) Wir sind begeistert und freuen uns auf weiterer Updates!!


Sebastian Sygulla
27.8 MB
Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© Sebastian Sygulla
  1. just Audio 21,99 €
  2. just Midi 14,99 €
  3. Audio AND Midi 29,99 €


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    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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