This app is only for professional pipe organ builders and technicians. It addresses the special tuning needs of building and maintaining pipe organs.

Notable features:

* Covers the note range of C0 (32' pipe) to C9 (1/16' pipe)
* Handles mutation ranks (Quint, etc.) and Celeste ranks
* Built-in compensation to track temperature changes
* Calculates pipe cutoff for trimming new pipes to length
* Optional connection to Bluetooth temperature sensor
* Precision strobe-like display for very precise tuning
* Can be calibrated to an accuracy of 0.02 cents
* Provides many historical temperaments for period music
(See our support web page for a complete list.)
* Switches notes automatically up to 4 notes away
* Provides a versatile display of the frequency spectrum

Organ Tuner has two different displays that are visible at once. One is the strobe-like Phase Display. This is a band where black squares move left or right. You tune to make the squares stop moving. The other is a Spectrum Display. This is a graph that shows a peak for every pitch present in the sound. You tune to make a peak in the graph move to a central red line. Having both the Phase Display and the Spectrum Display visible at once gives you a more complete picture of the tuning than any single spinner-type or needle-type display.

A detailed user's manual is available at our support web page. You should download and read this manual before buying this app.


Version 2.5

1. Added support for new BlueMaestro temperature sensors (2017).
2. Enabled two-fingered reset of Offsets.
3. Offsets are zeroed when doing a calibration.
4. Tone generation now uses the speaker instead of the receiver for a louder tone.


Real-Time Specialties, inc.
6.4 MB
Erfordert iOS 8.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© 2017 Real-Time Specialties
189,99 €


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