Practice soft skill in the VirtualSpeech app, including public speaking, answering interview questions, sales pitches, networking, presentations and language learning. Train in immersive virtual reality environments.
*app formerly known as Public Speaking for Cardboard / Public Speaking VR.

Our app works with VR headsets, such as the Google Cardboard, Blitzwolf VR and Merge VR.

- Public Speaking - Perfect your speaking, communication and presentation skills with our public speaking VR experiences. Practice you eye contact, dealing with sound and visual distractions, impromptu speaking and receive speech insights.
- Job Interview Preparation - Practice answering general and specific company interview questions form Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Deloitte and others.
- Business Networking - Learn fundamental networking skills with our VR tutorials and scenarios, where you’ll learn how to build rapport, improve listening skills, politely end a conversation and more.
- Mindfulness Meditation - Practice living in the moment in our calming low poly environments. You'll be guided through a relaxing meditation while each carefully selected environment around you changes.
- Sales Training - Learn sales skills, strategies and techniques to sell at a conference, press event, at a boardroom meeting and more. Practice in a range of sales situations, including a trade show, sales pitch and networking event.
- Learn English for Business - Immerse yourself in the business culture and language of another country with our tutorial classes and virtual reality.
- Train the Trainer - Learn strategies and techniques for delivering high-quality workplace training that leads to better learner outcomes.

Read about features, courses and environments in our App Guide: https://virtualspeech.com/app-guide

- Speech Analysis - we provide real time feedback on elements such as hesitation words, pace of voice and eye contact.
- Realistic VR Environments - selection of high quality rooms to improve your business skills in, from communication skills to networking.
- Track Your Progress - unlock awards, track speech analysis progress and listen back to your previous speeches.
- Sound & Visual Distractions - audience and room distractions add to the immersion and make you feel like you’re at the event.
- Add Your Own Slides - add your slides into the virtual room within the VR app, so that you can practice for an upcoming event.
- Upload your speech - upload your speech or presentation for additional feedback.

This app was developed to help people practice and improve their business and life skills. The realistic scenarios will also help anyone with speech anxiety, glossophobia, social phobia, social anxiety disorder or phobia of public speaking.

What is a VR headset?
A VR headset is required when using this app. It is a device you wear over your eyes like a pair of goggles. It shows you an image on a high-definition screen in front of your eyes. The goal of the VR headset is to immerse you in the virtual environment.

Two popular VR headsets, which we recommend to use with this app, are the Blitzwolf VR and Merge VR. You can read more about these VR headsets and others on our website.


Version 2.03

- Leadership communication course added
- Live feedback on your delivery
- Questions audio bug fix
- TEDx room improvements


VirtualSpeech Ltd
228.7 MB
Erfordert iOS 8.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
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