"I love Pzizz... Best I've used by a mile" - J.K. Rowling

"Let me tell you, if you do have trouble sleeping, try it, because it really works." -His Royal Highness, The Duke of York

“Give Pzizz a try! Love that app and helps me fall asleep or nap on command.” -Daniel Weinard, Co-founder of Shopify

Featured in The New York Times, WIRED, Engadget, Gizmodo, Product Hunt, Lifehacker, Mashable, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and more!


“…Hibbert credits the app for helping cure his insomnia and diminish his postgame dependence on Ambien.” – NBA Star Roy Hibbert speaking to Sports Illustrated

“That night, I nestled under my covers, downloaded the full version of Pzizz and turned it on… I was out before 20 minutes had passed and haven't looked back since.” - Jenna Wortham, New York Times

“Pzizz helps you get to sleep faster and get more restful sleep with a combination of soothing sounds and voice cues aimed at helping you relax, destress, and get to sleep. In my experience, it works really well.” - Adam Pash, Lifehacker


Pzizz delivers sleep at the push of a button! Using the science of psychoacoustics (see our website for in-depth details), the app's patented system plays you "dreamscapes"— a sleep-optimized mix of music, voiceover, and sound effects that changes each night, to quickly quiet your mind, put you to sleep, keep you asleep, and then wake you up feeling refreshed.

If you want to sleep better at night or take incredible power naps during the day, this is the app for you! All you have to do is listen to Pzizz. Headphones/earbuds are recommended for optimal effectiveness, but your built-in phone speaker will work too.


Power nap like a pro. Napping has been proven to enhance performance, alertness, and improve your mood. Customize your naps with our specially designed nap narrations. Get rid of that groggy feeling and improve your life with a 10-20 minute nap.


The focus module is music designed to help you get more work done.

Built around ‘focuscapes,’ environments of sound that help you get in the zone and be productive, backed by the same thorough research we use to create our dreamscapes.

Each focuscape has a ‘focus’ section which gets you into full concentration and a ‘cooldown’ section which brings you back out gently.


*Simplicity* Sleep at the push of a button! Unlike other sleep solutions, you don’t have to change your behavior, keep a sleep diary, or limit your activities. Just listen to Pzizz, and enjoy incredible sleep.

*No Side Effects* Our only side effect is sleep! Unlike medications or supplements, you’ll never have to worry about adverse effects.

*Variety* Every time you listen to Pzizz it creates a unique session for you. This ensures your brain doesn’t get fatigued from hearing the same things over and over again, and helps maintain effectiveness over time.

*Highly customizable* Adjust sleep duration, volumes, 3D effect, and voice gender for a fully personalized listening experience. Also: integration with Apple Health!

*Clinically Validated* Pzizz is incredibly effective and clinically validated. Read more about the science behind Pzizz at


Try Pzizz "Pro" free for seven days (we don't auto-charge after the trial ends). After your trial ends you can choose to keep Pro or use the "Classic" version, which is free. Pzizz offers auto-renewing monthly and yearly subscription options, along with a 3-year non-auto renewing subscription for its Pro service.

Your Pzizz subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Read more about our terms, conditions and privacy here:


Version 4.3.4

• New Focuscape, "Central Terminal"
• New Dreamscape, "Fireplace"
• New Dreamscape, "Mountain Stream"
• New male Narrations for "Relax into Sleep" and "Relax and Energize"
• New awesome feature, "Audio Fusion." Allows you to play Pzizz and sounds from other apps simultaneously (like audiobooks, podcasts, youtube, etc)
• Made sidebar menu more visually readable
• Redesigned Contact Us form in the sidebar menu
• Lots of smaller UX/UI tweaks and bug fixes

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3.9 von 5

66 Bewertungen

66 Bewertungen

Es wirkt!


Ich hatte wirklich wahnsinnige Probleme mit dem einschlafen, die durch Jetlag nur noch gesteigert wurden.. und diese App scheint diesem endlich ein Ende zu setzen!! Ich bin begeistert bis jetzt


Danke Julia!



Benutze die App seit einer Woche und habe bereits 2 mal verschlafen! Entweder geht der Wecker gar nicht oder spätestens nach einmal Snooze klingelt der Wecker meist erst nach einer Stunde wieder! Dazu ist die App viel zu überteuert.
Trotzdem 2 Sterne weil auch die Standardversion sehr angenehm ist mit der Stimme und der Musik


Hi there! Sorry about that. Have you tried using a different alarm sound or the vibration feature to see if that helps wake you up? In the alarm settings, there is a setting to choose the length of snooze, you can change it to your liking. It sounds like it's currently set to 1 hour. Please contact us at if you are facing any issues, we are more than happy to help!


ColleWolle 11

Die Kosten sind zu hoch und wenn man nur Classic pzizz nimmt dann gibt es nur eine Musik das ist blöd


Hi Kosten! Sorry you feel that way! We put a lot into what we do and it costs quite a bit to produce dreamscapes, scripts, and features that get added to the app on an ongoing basis (you can check the product update list on our blog to see everything we put into it on an ongoing basis). Many of our competitors charge more than us (for instance, Sleepio is more than $300 a year), and the average person that suffers from sleep problems spends $200-$1200 a year fighting their insomnia. In addition to all of this, we still offer Classic Pzizz totally for free in the app, so that we can deliver on our mission of bringing great sleep to the world, even if you can't pay us. I'm sorry you don't like Classic Pzizz, but for a lot of users it is helpful, effective and pleasant to listen to. But it might not be for everyone!


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