Welcome to a new world of open communication! is a simple and elegant collaboration environment that gathers your different conversations and app integrations into one single app.

Built around group chatrooms, lets you share messages, images, videos and files - interact with your tools and access all your different communities under one roof. One single identity and place for all your teams: no need to switch accounts, work and chat with people from different organisations in public or private rooms: from professional projects to school trips, will become the center of all your discussions!

Features include:

• Instantly share messages, images, videos and files of any kind within groups of any size
• See who's reading your messages with read receipts
• Email notifications of missed messages and invites
• Voice and video calling and conferencing
• End-to-end encryption using Olm (
• Communicate with users anywhere in the ecosystem - not just users! Including bridged apps and networks like Slack, IRC and Gitter (more coming soon!)
• Discover and invite users by email address
• Participate in guest-accessible public rooms
• Highly scalable - supports hundreds of rooms and thousands of users
• Fully synchronised message history across multiple devices and browsers
• Finely configurable notification settings, synchronised over all devices
• Infinite searchable chat history
• Interact with bots and integrated third party applications like GitHub, Jira and Jenkins (more to come soon!)
• Permalinks to messages
• Full message search
• Excellent support for all iOS device sizes and orientations

For developers:
• is a Matrix client - built on the open standard and ecosystem, providing interoperability with all other Matrix compatible apps, servers and integrations
• Entirely open sourced under the permissive Apache License - get the code from Pull requests welcome!
• Trivially extensible via the open Matrix Client-Server API (
• Run your own server! You can use the default server or run your own Matrix home server (e.g.

Coming soon:
• Add your own integrations, bridges and bots!
• Screen sharing
• Login as multiple users at the same time

The web version of is available at Break through.


Version 0.7.8

This new version supports the consent of matrix servers terms of service (including GDPR) in the registration flow.
It also contains fixes for the "Empty room" bug, the registration issue on iOS 10, etc.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.0 von 5
31 Bewertungen
31 Bewertungen
PeskyPedestrian ,

Solid, not the best.

Normally a smooth running app, however not without fault.
Awkward, unnecessary features like publicly showcasing a name or profile picture change throughout all rooms you’re part of.
The interface tries to be intuitive and inviting, handling and interaction is sometimes the opposite.

The app doesn’t launch since the newest patch.

Vinylzapp ,

Performance improvements

With the recent performance improvements, the app now runs very smooth, even on an IPhone 4s. Well done!

szk1509 ,

Pretty cool, but iPhone 6 says no

The app is pretty cool, unfortunately I have some struggles with my iPhone 6 by getting this error:
“An ssl error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made”
ThechnoHans is right, Riot Rocks! B)


Vector Creations Limited
86.7 MB
Soziale Netze
Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Deutsch, Albanisch, Baskisch, Bulgarisch, Englisch, Französisch, Isländisch, Japanisch, Katalanisch, Niederländisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Tradit. Chinesisch, Ungarisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch, Vietnamesisch
Mindestalter zum Laden dieses Programms: 17 Jahre
Unbeschränkter Zugang zum Web
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    Erledige Dinge in dieser App nur mit deiner Stimme.

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