If you are looking for a simpler, more affordable alternative to Quicken™, then Savings 2 is the right app for you. Savings has everything you need to manage your money effectively, and none of the complexities you don't.

“Savings answers the call for a personal finance app that isn’t intimidating and difficult to use.” – Mac AppStorm

# Account Management
Savings lets you keep all of your accounts in one place. Not only do you stay organized this way, you can also know overall balance of your accounts at all time.

# Fast Transaction Entry
Entering a transaction in Savings takes only seconds. Savings automatically fills payee and category based on past entries. So all you really need to enter is the amount.

# Instant Search
Look up past transaction instantly. Just type anything you remember into the search field and see the transactions appear instantly.

# Batch Edit
Select multiple transactions and hit “return” to edit multiple transactions at once. This is handy when you want to clean up your transactions list.

# Automatic Reconciliation
When you import data from your bank, using either OFX, CSV or QIF file format, the imported transactions are automatically matched to pending transactions you have entered manually. This makes reconciling your account a breeze. There no need for complicated reconciliation screen.

# Import From Quicken™ and More
Already used another finance app like Quicken™ or Microsoft Money™? Savings can import all that data in using the QIF or CSV format, so you can keep your account history.

# Scheduled Transactions
Track recurring bills and payments with scheduled transactions. You can set a reminder so you will never miss another bill!

# Breakdown Chart
Breakdown shows you your expense broken down by categories. This helps you gain total picture of where your money is going, so you know where to cut back.

# Trends Chart
Trends visualize your finance using line charts. For example, view the Balance Trend to see if you are getting richer or poorer each month. Compare Expense and Income Trends to ensure you are living with your means. Or compare your Groceries and Dining Trends to see relationship between them.

# Budget
Savings has a simple budgeting system that lets you create a monthly budget. As the month progresses, Savings shows you your progress so you know whether you are spending too fast.

# Dark Mode
Savings looks great in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave. We have fine tuned every user element for a gorgeous new look.

# Privacy
Unlike apps like Mint™ that sell your financial data to advertisers, we believe your financial data is for your eyes only. Savings’ data stay on your computer. When it is sync, it uses Apple’s secure iCloud technology so no one, not even us, can see your data.

# No Subscription
We believe once you pay for an app, you can use it forever. We will not charge you an annual subscription like Quicken™ or Debit & Credit. We will also keep improving Savings 2 so you get those updates for free.

# iPhone App and iCloud Sync
Savings has a full-featured iPhone app. Everything is synced instantly between all your devices. To buy the iPhone app, just search "Savings 2" on the iPhone App Store, or go to

# Design
We believe a personal finance app should be beautiful. That is why we crafted every pixel of Savings with care.

# Other Features
• Split transaction
• Transfer
• Multiple currencies
• Custom categories
• Category groups
• Projection based on scheduled
• Passcode protection

# Got Questions?
Email and we will get back to you right away.

There is also more information about Savings 2 on our website:


Version 2.4.1

Savings 2.4 introduces Dark Mode. You can now see Savings 2 in its gorgeous dark theme when you switch your Mac to Dark Mode under macOS Mojave.

Other Enhancements:
• In Scheduled view, we added color that suggests whether the action is a Pay, Deposit or Transfer to make it more intuitive.
• We have re-enabled budget for users who are using this feature. To create a new budget, just choose File > New Budget from the menu.
• We fixed many bugs in Savings’ budget that are plaguing some users. Budget should be stable now. Let us know if you run into any issues.
• The keyboard shortcut for Running Balance is changed to the more intuitive Control + B.
• Retina optimize account balance toggle arrow.

Savings 2.4.1 Changes
• Bug fixes and under the hood changes

We work hard for each release of Savings 2. If you enjoy using Savings, please take a time to leave us a review. We really appreciate it!

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Nickname18293744 ,

So far GOOD!

I only just started using it when it bugged me to rate it. I like it, it is indeed simple and beautiful. Have successfully imported my bank data - so far so good


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