SyncTime is the simplest solution to synchronize your files. Did you ever wish you could easily keep up to date all your backup copies, distributed across many devices?
SyncTime will just do it.
SyncTime is capable of so many things, yet is so simple to use. From manual, scheduled or completely automatic syncing, to background syncing, bidirectional syncs and sophisticated exclude filters, you'll be able to set up your syncs exactly as you imagine.

You can create as many sync items as you need and customize each one individually. A sync item mainly consists of two folders: a source and a destination. You can choose any two folders reachable in the Finder: they can be located on your Mac, on an external drive, like a USB stick, or even on a remote server. Among the possible options you will find:
• background syncing: changes are monitored in real time in order to keep your destination always up to date
• four overwrite policies: don't touch files already existing on the destination, overwrite only if the source file is newer than the destination file, overwrite if the source file has a different timestamp or overwrite always
• three sync types: one-way sync (default), two-way sync (merge source and destination) and one-way move (delete the source files after a successful transfer to the destination). Please read carefully about these sync types in the Help section on the SyncTime website
• remove files that don’t exist on the source anymore
• start to sync automatically whenever source and destination become available or sync once a day, a week or a month
• every sync item can be dependent on other sync items: it will trigger the dependencies and run automatically when they are all completed
• files to be overwritten or removed can be moved to the trash (requires Mac OS 10.8 or newer)
• exclude hidden files, files with names containing specific words or matching a regular expression, and selected files. Or exclude the root directory and specify just some included files.

Other features include:
• changes have to be confirmed by default and you can inspect the files that will be added, overwritten and removed and preview them in QuickLook
• cancel a running sync at any time and restart it later
• syncs run in parallel
• automatic launch on login can be enabled from the status bar menu
• your Mac can automatically be set to sleep or shut down after all syncs have finished (requires macOS 10.8 or newer and the respective Applescripts to be installed in the Scripts directory. For detailed instructions, please visit the website)
• export your sync items and reimport them at any time, on any Mac.

What users say about SyncTime:

Great App! Simple setup, fast sync, no-nonsense! Works very good!
— Jurweer

It does what it promises, and it does it well.
— iRecycler

I have been trying to sync folders on various systems from the bad old MSDOS days on, and have been afflicted with a succession of tedious geeky cranky programs in both the Windows and Apple world. My last one could do almost anything, if you had a week to figure out how. Suddenly, the problem is solved! SyncTime is simple, elegant, intuitive and actually fun to set up and use. I thank whoever did this. One of life’s aggrevations has been resolved. Seriously, this is an Apple-worthy point and click program that presents a lot of flexibility in an uncluttered, elegant way. Someone put a lot of work into making this clean and simple for us. Thanks.
— Graymauser

Extremely well designed and does what it says - FAST! I use it to sync important folders to a USB flash drive as an offsite backup to supplement my regular time machine backups. I wanted to be able to manually control what I sync based on what I know I've changed, but still have a level of automation that makes it fast and easy to use. SyncTime delivers on all counts! Great app!
— dan•tha•man

If you have any requests, suggestions or bug reports, please visit:


Version 2.9

• Fixed the error when trying to sync the Photos Library
• Fixed a problem which caused dependencies not to be triggered
• Added the backup strategy option which allows to select a backup folder where overwritten and removed files are moved to

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.5 von 5
26 Bewertungen
26 Bewertungen
Snoopy5566 ,

Funktioniert einwandfrei

Ich nutze eigentlich schon immer FreeFileSync, doch seit ich diese App installiert habe bin ich komplett umgestiegen. Ich synchronisiere mit dieser App meine Cloud Dateien mit meiner NAS. Der Sync ist schnell eingerichtet und funktioniert einwandfrei. Diese App ist klar strukturiert und eher leicht verständlich. Eine deutsche Lokalisierung würde ich mir wünschen!

Celeblue ,

Funktioniert mit kleinen Einschränkungen

Mit HighSierra werden mobile Accounts nicht mehr mit dem Benutzerordner am Server synchronisiert.
Wir haben nun diese Methode gewählt:
- SyncTime transferiert den lokalen Benutzerordner regelmäßig und automatisch auf den Server-Benutzerordner (one way).
- Bei Problemen oder zur eher seltenen Rückführung von Daten vom Server auf den lokalen Benutzerordner verwenden wir spezielle Vergleichs-Apps (BeyondCompare und/oder DeltaWalker). Dies ist möglich weil der echte mobile Einsatz mit Benutzerorder auf einem Notebook eher selten vorkommt.

SyncTime erledigt die einfache Aufgabe jedoch mit folgenden Einschränkungen:
- Der Lesezugriff auf ~/Library/Keychains scheint beschränkt und für SyncTime nicht überwindbar. BeyondCompare und DeltaWalker haben da aber keinerlei Problem.
- Bestimmte alte Dateien ohne Typ-Erweiterung und mit Sonderzeichen im Namen, können nicht kopiert werden.
- Vergleich und Kopiervorgang folgen hintereinander. Deshalb kommt es vor, dass Dateien beim Kopieren schon nicht mehr existieren, z. B. intermediäre Spotlight Erzeugnisse, das ergibt dann einen Fehlereintrag im Log.

Die Grundfunktion wird jedoch erfüllt und bei dem geringen Preis darf man nicht meckern!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you for your report. The reason why access to system folders or files is restricted is that App Store apps have less privileges in order to increase security. Please consider visiting the website to get in touch and solve the other issues. Thank you for your time.

UWN68 ,

Kernaufgabe erfüllt

Das Programm macht seinen Job unauffällig im Hintergrund. Einen Stern Abzug gibt es,weil das HMI doch etwas weiter von dem entfernt ist, was man sonst beim Mac gewohnt ist.
Die erste Synchronisation sollte man auch nicht mit dem Programm machen, sondern die Verzeichnisse händisch auf das andere Laufwerk kopieren.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you for your report. Is there a particular reason why you suggest copying all files manually first? If you have an idea about how the app could be improved, please consider visiting the website to get in touch. Thank you for your time.


Nicolas Kick
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OS X 10.7 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



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