Welcome to the most amazing talking pet game, and meet your new friend, the cute turtle! This animal lives in a beautiful house in the forest water, and has many rooms decorated with taste! Download free Talking Turtle game app and have a lot of fun with your cool virtual hero. You will guide him through his daily activities, and collect coins together in order to unlock all of the rooms in the house. The latest turtle game is perfect for people of all ages so do not hesitate anymore and download it. It is easy to play, and it will be fun to see what the best pet can do and you will surely love it! Within the Talking Turtle game on your iPhone™ or iPad™ you are offered the chance to buy coins and thus unlock so many fantastic things for fun. Choose whether you want five hundred, one thousand and five hundred, or three thousand coins. For only three hundred you can get another instrument for your friend. A completely new room will be opened for just one thousand, and you can only imagine what you could have with three thousand coins.
This top talking animal can dance, jump, run and do many interesting things! He has a beautiful playground, and many great rooms. He has a nice bedroom and a comfortable bed where he likes to be tucked in. So when it’s time to sleep, you can just turn off the lights and the turtle can rest. The drums will wake him up in the morning. He has the best home gym ever! You will see his treadmill where you can make him run or walk. It is important to stay in shape and to exercise regularly. The popular turtle has its own toothbrush! Cleanliness is very important for your hero. So in the bathroom, he can take a bath and brush his teeth. You and your pet will have fun together, and collect coins to unlock the other rooms, so it is time for fabulous latest mini games. Open Jumpy Turtle and hop on endless platforms and try to cross them as much as possible. Play Turtle Smash, use your hammer and hit your pet as soon as you see him get out of the pit, but you have to be very quick, so concentrate yourself. The last one is Turtle Jump, just tap the platform that you want your hero to jump on and achieve the maximum height. The newest talking game is perfect for people of all ages! Everyone can have the coolest virtual pet. Tap the drawer in the living room to see a magic hat with a rabbit, or click on the vase to see colorful lollipops! Have you seen his bookshelf? If you tap on it the firecracker will appear. He hides musical talent, so you will be impressed when you hear him play the xylophone and trumpet. Let’s come outside and you will notice the fish that jumps out of the river and you will also see little butterflies flying into the woods. Check out his playground and have fun playing the amazing sports with him! There is also an awesome trampoline where he can jump. Talk to the turtle and he will listen carefully. He will then be able to repeat your words. You will surely get a smart friend.
How to play Talking Turtle game app:
Play mini games to collect more coins
Talk to the turtle and he will repeat your words
Take the turtle to the gym
Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep
Tickle and slap the turtle for fun
Share with your friends to let them know you have the cutest virtual buddy ever. You can tickle or slap the turtle for fun to see his reaction. He is the most popular pet, so get ready for a an awesome adventure in the forest water. The kids will love it, because this animal is so adorable and cute, so grab your smartphone and install this top talking turtle game application.


Version 1.5

Minor bug corrected


Ivan Vaskovic
206.2 MB
Erfordert iOS 7.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
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