TB MIDI Stuff is a highly intuitive full-featured modular MIDI & OSC control surface for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch (including the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Gen).

► Natively provides editors for Arturia Mini V (iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad) and Korg microKORG (iPad only).

You can design your own pages with sliders, knobs, faders, drum pads, XY pads, multitouch XY pads, ribbons, piano keyboards, pick lists or jog wheels with the built-in editor (no computer needed !), or you can use the three built-in controllers : a keyboard with arpeggiator and some other cool features, a pads controllers (iPad only) with configurable pads banks or a 16 channels MIDI mixer.

You can assign unlimited count of MIDI messages and/or OSC messages per control.

TB MIDI Stuff implements bi directional MIDI messages including SysEx messages, with message requests mode, so you can do complex synth editors.

Value Notes messages let you to transform every slider, fader, knob, ribbon, XY pad and multitouch XY pad into a small keyboard with range, root key and pre defined or user defined scale.

You can build your own complex keyboards like Wicky-Hayden layout or Harmonic Table layout with shapes on drum pads.

► Built-in Page Editor with pasteboard, undo manager and z-order management
► Complete Controls Library :
◆ Rotary, Horizontal & Vertical sliders
◆ Rotary, Horizontal & Vertical Modern sliders
◆ Horizontal & Vertical faders
◆ Mixer knobs
◆ Black knobs
◆ Jog Wheels
◆ Horizontal & Vertical Ribbons
◆ Drum Pads
◆ Modern Drum Pads
◆ XY Pads
◆ Multitouch XY Pads
◆ Piano Keyboards with Arpeggiator/Repeat Track on each
◆ Piano Keys
◆ Value displayers
◆ Rounded rects
◆ Labels (can be dynamic with SysEx or OSC string messages)
◆ Pick List
► Accelerometer & Gyroscope Inputs on Sliders, Faders, Knobs and XY Pads
► Built-in Keyboard with Arpeggiator, Wheels, Ribbon and 8 knobs
► Built-in Pads Controllers with Pads Banks (iPad only)
► Built-in 16 Channels MIDI Mixer
► CoreMIDI drivers, includes WiFi native driver, Virtual MIDI Port and all compatible sound card or MIDI to USB cable with the Camera Connection Kit (like IK Multimedia iRig MIDI, Line6 MIDI Mobilizer II, etc.)
► Missing Link™ native driver : zero configuration, you can use the same page wired or wireless, our rock solid MIDI & OSC engine generate Missing Link OSC messages on the fly !
► Unlimited Number of MIDI messages and/or OSC messages per control
► Custom Image Backgrounds
► Full RGB colors on controls
► Supported MIDI messages :
◆ Control Changes (7bits, 14bits Coarse/Fine) (unsigned and signed)
◆ RPN/NRPN (7bits and 14bits) (unsigned and signed)
◆ Pitch Bend
◆ Program Changes
◆ Channel Pressure
◆ System Messages
◆ Song Select
◆ Notes On/Off
◆ System Exclusive (with checksums support, unsigned and signed)
► Value Notes (dynamic Note messages) on Sliders, Faders, Knobs, Ribbons, XY pads and Multitouch XY Pads
► 6 Velocity Modes with Drum Pads (Accelerometer Velocity and Five other modes)
► Drum Pads Shapes (Rectangle, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon 1 and Hexagon 2)
► Pages and Pads Bank sharing via iTunes or by e-mail directly in the app !!!
► "Open with" feature with Mail and Safari
► Visual Pages Manager (2D pages grid)
► Up to 128 pages can be open simultaneously on a 2D pages canvas. You can navigate thru pages with three fingers swipe gesture, manage the pages order with a visual pages manager, open multiple instances of the same page and change the MIDI Out driver or the MIDI Out channel (or both) without entering the editor for each instance
► Aftertouch on Drum Pads and Piano Keyboards

(The Missing Link™ is a trademark of Jabrudian Industries LLC)

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Version 2.2.9

- Fix an issue on variable dispatching with drum pads introduced with the last update

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10 Bewertungen

funktioniert nicht über Netzwerk


Wer vor hat mit dieser App über WIFI oder ein adhoc Netzwerk MIDI -Daten zu senden , den muss ich enttäuschen. Das funktioniert nicht. Die App findet das MIDI-Netzwerk des Host -Rechners nicht.

Best MIDI controller app


Kindly disregard the weirdo reviews of less than 4 stars...this is the most flexible app for controlling MIDI hardware that there is. I use it wired from iPad > camera connection > USB to DIN MIDI cable. If problems arise, just ask Fabien through his forum...he answers questions / fixes bugs in a jiffy. The growing catalog of supported hardware (also on forum) makes it even more of a bargain than it already is.



@ redwave_de:
kannst Du bitte mal erläutern was genau Du meinst? Hast Du auch einen Wifi Midi Controller Port installiert? zB rtpMidi o.Ä.?
Wenn nicht dann bitte erst schlaulesen und nicht gleich alles schlecht bewerten!

An Alle:
Wifi Midi mit TBMS ist kinderleicht und stabil, man muss nur wissen was man tut!
Siehe bekannte "Suchmaschine"


Hi all,
the Editor is quiet deep in creating a full featured Midi Controller. But the best of all should be the possibility of using own elements like Knobs and Faders etc.
Search for Tyrell N6 Midi Controller Template, thats awesome, for free and with the "real" look.
Hope the announced update to v3 will not wait too long...


65.8 MB
Erfordert iOS 5.1.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© TBStuff
4,49 €


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