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About Raven

As an alumnus of post-punk innovators Killing Joke, bassist Paul Raven has become a popular figure in the worlds of metal and industrial. Born on January 16, 1961, his big break came in 1983, when he replaced the absent Youth in Killing Joke. Raven first appeared on the Fire Dances album, just before the band's most successful period. 1985's Night Time gave the band a handful of hit singles and allowed Raven's distinctive sound to become an integral part of the band. By 1988, however, the band was on the verge of collapse, as Outside the Gate proved to be a critical and commercial failure.
Raven and Killing Joke returned with 1990's Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions, winning critical acclaim and pushing the band (briefly) back into the spotlight. However, internal tensions once again took their toll, with several members, including Raven, departing to form the short-lived group Murder Inc. When Killing Joke reformed in 1992, it was without Raven.
Joining New York hardcore outfit Prong a year later, he contributed to two classic albums, 1994's Cleansing and the follow-up, Rude Awakening. Rude Awakening was Prong's last studio album, as the band embarked on a lengthy sabbatical. Raven become in demand as a producer and remixer, working with Spahn Ranch, Psychic TV, and Die Krupps, amongst others. In 2001, he joined Matt Zane's Society 1. ~ Jim Harper