Oliver (Tom Schilling) works hard for his success as a portfolio manager. But when he makes the free counterpart to the private Fastlane on the way to an appointment, he races into a devastating crash. Diagnosis: paraplegia. Three months of rehab should prepare him for a life in a wheelchair. But Oliver wants to get out of this "disabled prison" with bad internet as fast as possible. In search of the strongest Wi-Fi signal, he gets to know an awkward handicapped shared flat, the "goldfish group": Magda (Birgit Minichmayr) a blind cynic with rude humor, two autistic people, 80ies pop fan Rainman (Axel Stein) and the mute Michi (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) with safety helmet, Franzi (Luisa Wöllisch), a self-confident girl with Down syndrome and her two carers Laura (Jella Haase), who wants to do her dream job in practice really well after studying aid pedagogy and Eddy (Kida Khodr Ramadan), who is the exact opposite: a nurse who hates his job abysmally.

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