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Best known as a member of alternative rock bands Sebadoh and Fiery Furnaces, Jason Loewenstein also forged a successful (if sporadic) solo career. In 1989, Sebadoh's Eric Gaffney asked Loewenstein to join the group he and Dinosaur Jr's Lou Barlow had then-recently formed. By their third LP, 1991's Sebadoh III, he was contributing his own songs to the group's records, and by the time Gaffney left the band in 1993, his contributions became larger with Bakesale (1994), which included five of his compositions. Following the 1999 record Sebadoh, the band went on hiatus. After the break, Loewenstein made his first solo record. He produced and played every instrument on At Sixes and Sevens, and recruited Sebadoh member Bob D'Amico to be part of the touring band. In 2003, Barlow and Loewenstein reunited for a tour that involved the duo playing along to drum tracks. By 2005, Loewenstein had joined Brooklyn band the Fiery Furnaces playing bass and guitar, and also took up engineering duties on their albums Remember and I'm Going Away. In 2007, the classic Sebadoh trio of Barlow, Gaffney, and Loewenstein decided to re-form, and went on to tour the U.S. and Europe. In addition to his membership in both Sebadoh and the Fiery Furnaces, he also played drums on several notable releases, including Lou Barlow's EMOH, Will Oldham's Viva Last Blues, and Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Review. Fourteen years after the last Sebadoh album, Loewenstein and Barlow regrouped with Bob D'Amico to record their eighth record as a band. Defend Yourself was released in 2013 and debuted at number one on the "New Alternative Artists" Billboard chart, despite the band being in their third decade of existence. Loewenstein returned to his solo career after 15 years and released Spooky Action in 2017.

    Boston, MA
  • BORN
    Jul 20, 1971

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