4 Songs, 30 Minutes


About Eddie Richards

British DJ Eddie Richards (aka Evil Eddie) has often been dubbed the "Godfather" of house music back in his homeland. Inspired by the anything-goes early-'80s U.K. club Heaven, Richards began DJing at another popular club of the era -- Camden Palace, specializing in wide-ranging play lists (something that is easily taken for granted nowadays, but back then, was virtually unheard of). By the mid- to late '80s, he was one of the first DJs in the world to discover and champion the new dance style house music, which soon became something of a phenomenon in England. For nearly ten years (beginning in 1990), Richards was the head of a popular DJ booking agency, DY-NA-MIX, scouting the scene and recruiting new talent, all the while continuing to DJ in British clubs. ~ Greg Prato

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, Englan