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Although he never became well-known, Biscuit is a talented, capable rapper who did some recording in the western part of the United States in the '80s and '90s. The Oakland, CA, native (who shouldn't be confused with the Australian alternative rock band of the same name) was never a hip-hop purist; Biscuit combined rap with urban contemporary, soul, funk, dance-pop, and house, and those who were aware of his work tended to compare him to artists like MC Hammer, Salt-N-Pepa, Young MC, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, and Sir Mix-A-Lot -- in other words, crossover rappers rather than hardcore rappers. Biscuit didn't rap to please hip-hop's hardcore and stayed away from the violent and controversial gangsta rap style that the West Coast is known for; his specialty was party music, pure and simple.

Biscuit did some recording for Columbia in the late '80s, but when his Columbia output didn't sell, he was dropped from the label. Although Biscuit grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the MC was living in Las Vegas when, in 1992, he signed a one-album deal with producer Jay Warsinske's AVC Entertainment (an independent, Los Angeles-based rock/urban/hip-hop label that subsequently changed its name to Solid Entertainment and, after that, Activate Entertainment). AVC (which was being distributed by the Atlanta-based Ichiban at the time) put out the club-friendly Biscuit's Back! in 1993. After that, Biscuit didn't record any more albums for AVC but continued to rap in the Las Vegas area. ~ Alex Henderson

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