4 Songs, 11 Minutes


About The Movement

Coming out of the effervescent early-'90s Los Angeles rave scene, the Movement were a trio formed by producers Richard "Humpty" Vission and AJ Mora, and rapper/producer/dancer DJ Hazze. Producer and record industry figure Walter "Kandor" Khan signed the group to his Sunshine label in 1992; the trio hitting paydirt right off the bat, as their debut single, the anthemic "Jump!," became a dancefloor smash that same year and even managed something of a pop crossover, thanks in no small part to its (still to this day) adoption as a sports anthem. However, both their self-titled album and subsequent singles failed to match "Jump!"'s impact, with the group quietly dissolving by the mid-'90s. Vission later emerged as a successful DJ and much sought-after remixer. ~ Ricardo Rainho