Nick Storm invites you to join the Arctant Flare Universe!

Embark on Arctant Flare’s journey to discover his true destiny as the Flare of Hope, Bearer of Quaral, Master of Wanipulation. Along with his friend Misty, you will travel to the distant past spoken of only in legends. As the adventure unfolds, you will gather achievements with our achievement system, locked behind key points in the story. Watch out for hints, and obtain as many trophies as you can to unlock all existing and future features!

Watch, as Pangaea unravels before you, with Arctant, Misty and a few others, moving around the world map. Be aware of their movement, as this is important to get the full understanding of their journey

Throughout the adventure, you will be introduced to many characters with whom Arctant forms a bond. While the story unfolds, you will continuously obtain character appearances, some of them are new, while others will update the visuals of those you’ve met earlier on!

From Nick Storm:
I look forward to share this journey with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please share your thoughts and pictures with me around the web by using the #ArctantFlare.

I will see you all in Pangaea!


Thorwest Development ApS
126.8 MB

Kræver iOS 11.2 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.



Vurderet 12+ pga. følgende:
Sporadisk/mild blasfemi eller grov humor
Sporadisk/mild brug af eller hentydning til alkohol, tobak eller narkotika
Sporadisk/milde voksne/vovede temaer
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