So you think you understand this thing you’re holding? Think again. Stop tapping. Stop swiping. In fact, stop touching the screen at all. To crack Blackbox’s puzzles you’ll need to find solitude and stillness, climb mountains, call on friends, get in tune with the cosmos, and think outside the box.

Minimalistic visual clues make for incredibly satisfying “Aha!” moments, while sonic interfaces provide an extra level of guidance and nuance that makes Blackbox accessible with or without vision. Thoughtful haptic feedback, Easter eggs on Easter eggs, and solutions that can’t be found beneath the glass of your screen redefine what a puzzle can be. You’ll never see your device the same way again.

Think you’re clever? Prove it.

(Blackbox is a living game under active development by Ryan McLeod. When not eating burritos or drinking coffee, he’s busy designing and developing new Blackbox challenges.)


Version 1.4.20

■ Fixed a bug causing crashes for some players when receiving hints (no hints were harmed or lost!)
■ Fixed a bug where iPad players would be repeatedly reminded that Blackbox isn’t 100% iPad compatible …yet.
■ New merch unlock card badges show how many new app icons they unlock
■ Fixed a non-squircle button when Voice Over is active
■ Could this be the last time I mention audio subsystem stability?

■ New merch unlock cards (Did you know that all merch comes with printed riddles that unlock new app icons?)
■ Launch image now uses true black on iPhone X (How did he do it?)
■ Updated Instagram handle (tag me @blackbox!)
■ Add parallax back to a certain translucent challenge (trippy)
■ Ensure devices that use passcodes but not biometrics can solve a certain orange challenge (so 1337)
■ Pre-buffer more audio players to reduce potential gaps when looping (whoop *pause* whoop)
■ Fixed some challenges losing audio in some cases (…)
■ Audio subsystem stability improvements
■ Localization prep :)

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4.8 ud af 5

91 vurderinger

91 vurderinger



Great game!!



What an awesome idea. Love it

Sjovt spil


Men denne anmeldelse er bare fordi spillet sagde jeg skulle...

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101.5 MB
Kræver iOS 9.3 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.
Vurderet til 4+
© 2018 Ryan McLeod
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