Recrop gives you a second chance to reframe your photos for a compositionally balanced look.

Here are the main features of the app:

• Unique uncropping function
• Aspect ratios and grids to help you reframe photos
• Straightening without losing the resolution of a photo


• Recomposing a photo by moving its frame

Recrop allows reframing images even after they have already been taken.
Move a photo frame or drag its handles toward the inside or outside a photo to recompose the shot. The clever app will automatically fill in the expanded areas based on the content surrounding it.

• Reframing a photo by using aspect ratios

With the list of the most common aspect ratios the app has to offer, you can obtain a photo of the needed proportions fast and with no effort. As soon as a specific ratio is selected, tap the Apply button — and the app will crop or uncrop your shot to those specific dimensions.

• Reframing a photo by using grids

Recrop provides you with a set of the classical composition grids to help you be accurate when recomposing your images. After selecting a grid, just move a photo frame as needed to balance the photo.


Straighten a crooked horizon line in a photo by swiping left or right or up or down anywhere outside the photo frame. The resolution of the photo won't be lost — the nearby pixels will be copied and added to the areas created.


“Recrop does one thing insanely well and is the only smartphone app dedicated to this task: like content-aware fill for Photoshop, it can extend elements of an image to give more of what you missed, allowing you to crop, rotate, and even enlarge without sacrificing parts of the original image.” — Dan Rubin, Photographer, Designer

Download Recrop right now and give it a try!

If you have any questions or complaints about Recrop or need assistance with the app, please email us at support at


Version 2.0.0

Here are the changes we made to AntiCrop (now Recrop) to make it a more useful instrument for recomposing photos:

• New, more suitable name
• Completely redesigned interface that supports iPhone X
• Enhanced uncropping algorithm
• Smart horizon line detection
• Improved interaction with the frame
• Grids to help you create balance and harmony in a composition with more accuracy
• Possibility to move the frame strictly along the axes
• Possibility to save an edited photo as a copy or modify the original
• Possibility to continue where you left off after the app has been closed
• Possibility to use the app as an extension to Photos
• Support for 3D Touch (Most Recent widget added)
• Support for the iOS 11’s new HEIF format

Vurderinger og anmeldelser


Better than expected...

The developers have crammed some pretty advanced algorithms into this app. It often fails miserably, e.g. it does not do any effort to extrapolate humans, but on landscapes it does surprisingly well.


Very dissapointed

The reason why i bought this its because, it says that you don't need to crop the pictures, which i am happy about. But, when i actually try to reduced the size of the image to be honest, there's no difference with the original size. Such a waste of money. It ddnt make the picture even abit smaller. Sorry but this thing is a crap. I just hope they can improve it, because for now i am pretty sure, not to recommend this to my friends never!


Meget brugbar

Fantastisk app der klarer at udvide himmel og hav i et snuptag, men den kan selvfølgelig ikke genskabe bagenden af en bil hvor kun forenden er synlig. Det er en fin mobil udgave af hvad Photoshop kan med contentaware fill.


Maksym Davydov
18.8 MB
Foto og video
Kræver iOS 10.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.
Engelsk, Forenklet kinesisk, Fransk, Italiensk, Japansk, Portugisisk, Russisk, Spansk, Traditionelt kinesisk, Tysk, Ukrainsk
Vurderet til 4+
© ADVA Soft
17,00 kr


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