Expand your mobile medical library with Thieme Anatomy on the Go 2.0, the new app that includes exquisite illustrations from Thieme’s award-winning Atlas of Anatomy. With this handy set of 460 anatomy flash cards featuring fully annotated images, you can review core anatomy concepts whenever and wherever you want, on your iPhone or iPad.

New in version 2.0:

- More than 70 new muscle cards with origin, insertion, innervation, and action
- Over 20 additional neuroanatomy cards
- Enhanced user experience for iPad users
- Improved quiz mode that enables you to track your learning progress by card and by cards for an anatomical region
- Purchase options available by anatomical region to suit your study needs
Thieme Anatomy on the Go 2.0 allows you to:
- Navigate through more than 460 fully annotated images with the flick of a finger
- Zoom and pan crystal clear images, in brilliant color with crisp detail
- Toggle individual structure pin labels on or off
- While a label is on, view all other cards with the same structure and instantly access additional information on that structure on Google or Wikipedia
- Create custom pins to label structures you need to know
- Quickly locate specific structures and relevant cards in the Index
- Record learning progress for each card and test on sets of cards you have not mastered
- View comments, questions, and clinical correlations to build your knowledge
- Explore at your own pace and then test your mastery of the material in quiz mode
- Make your own card selection for fast access in review sessions or clinical settings


Version 2.3

- Updated for latest iOS versions
- UI tweaks
- bug fixes

Vurderinger og anmeldelser

NOT with latin nomenclature


I was disappointed to find out that this app does NOT support the latin nomenculture. Their atlas as a book is worth gold. Great illustrations and very ditailed. In their app however they settel with the absolut minimum regarding correct names. They for example name the "n. cutaneus antebrachi posterior" as the lateral branch of the radial nerve.


Thieme Publishers
85.3 MB
Kræver iOS 7.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.
Engelsk, Tysk
Vurderet til 4+
© Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.
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  1. All Regions (460 cards) 279,00 kr
  2. Neuroanatomy (43 cards) 49,00 kr
  3. Lower Limb (83 cards) 99,00 kr


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