Grupo Raça

The Grupo Raça was one of the groups formed after the revival of the pagode, still keeping in its beginning the most important characteristics linked to the "authentic" elements of traditional samba, soon replaced by overly romantic melodies and interpretations. Also successful abroad (in some Latin American countries and in some Latino communities in the U.S.), the group won the awards Troféu Imprensa for Best Group, Prêmio Sharp for Best Album, and Antena de Ouro (Best Group and Best Album). In 1994, Jeito de Felicidade became the best-selling album of their recording company. They have been touring through U.S., Switzerland, and Germany. Formed by Marley (ganzá) and Mongol (tantã) in 1985, the group also had Délcio Luiz (banjo), Paulinho Carvalho (cavaquinho), Totonho (pandeiro), and Valney (repique). In the beginning, they accompanied artists like Zeca Pagodinho, Leci Brandão, and Ivone Lara. Their first solo album was recorded in 1987, Grupo Raça. Three years later, they had success with "Dona da Minha Sina" (Nelson Rufino/Tião Motorista) and another of their hits was 1992's "O Teu Chamego." ~ Alvaro Neder

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