It is the Second World War and Germany is losing on all fronts. The young Miloš Hrma has begun a training on probation in a small railway station. The station master, a passionate pigeon-breeder, has a kind wife, but is nevertheless envious of the train dispatcher Hubička's success with women. Miloš's still-platonic love is the pretty train dispatcher Máša. The experienced Hubička introduces Miloš to the facts of life, at the same time learning that the young man is still a male virgin. The idyll at the railway station is disturbed by the arrival of councillor Zednicek who explains to the employees that the withdrawal of the German army at all fronts is part of the military plan and the German army is in fact winning. Máša spends a night of love with Miloš. His experience of a sexual failure, he solve with attempting to commit suicide the next day. He is saved and the doctor explains to him that the phenomenon called ejaculatio praecox is normal at his age, recommending he get help from an experienced woman. During the night shift, Hubička flirts with the telegraphist Zdenička, covering her little bottom with official rubber-stamps. The girl's mother complains to Hubička's superiors. Due to the scandal, the station master is not promoted to the position of inspector as he desired. The Germans are nervous since the partisans keep blowing up their ammunition trains on the Czech railways. One of the planned acts of sabotage concerns the little railway station, too. At Hubička's request, Miloš is relieved from his male virginity problems by the young artiste Viktoria Freie who, at the same time, has brought a bomb to the station. In the state of emergency, the encouraged young man plants the explosive himself. The action is successful and the transport is blown up. But the young man dies, too.

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