Like all her friends from the women's hostel blonde-haired Andula longs for love. Although her Tonda has bought her a ring, he is still far from a girl's dream man. The young women work at a large industrial plant employing some two thousand women, which means that the small town of Zruč nad Sázavou where the factory is located suffers from a complete shortage of men. Even the stationing of an army unit in the town fails to bring a solution since older reservists get posted to Zruč instead of young men. At a dance party, these "oldies" try to approach the girls but the results are awkward. Andula, however, is lucky. She meets Míla, the young piano player in the band, and spends the night with him. The boy goes back to Prague and one Saturday Andula turns up in Prague as well. Míla is not at home and his parents let the strange girl in with rudely obvious misgivings, although they finally let her stay in the kitchen for the night. When Míla returns, they don't mince words in their condemnation of Andula and Míla's behaviour. Andula listens to their argument from the next room and cries quietly. Back at the hostel, however, she tells her friend Jaruška how wonderful it was is Prague and how warmly Míla's parents greeted her.

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