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iOptiSeed Bin Optimizer is applicable to any type of seeding equipment i.e. equipment that has compartments/tubes/bins containing seeds, grains etc. The app defines how to place seeds and grains in the bins of a seeder machine in order to achieve optimization of time while seeding large pieces of land. It also solves the problems that many farmers are facing, the necessity to refill the bins when covering larger area. iOptiSeed Bin Optimizer calculates which bin a certain product needs to be placed in in order to get the maximum acres seeded before there is a need for refill. The application gives you a calculation in seconds and helps you find the most efficient way of placing products in bins.
The app takes into consideration different types of measures such as product density, the volume of the bins etc. The measures considered are bushels, acres and density. Bushels is a volumetric measure, acres is a measure of area, and density is in pounds per bushel. The final calculation gives the following optimal solution:
Placement of products in bins
Area covered with one bin of product.

The app has the following functionalities:
Entering up to 6 bins.
Entering up to 6 products. Some of the products we have used for testing purposes are urea, durum, sulfur, phos.
Size of bins is expressed in bushels.
Products measures: pounds per acre and pounds per bushel.
Summary of the calculation consisting of: placement of products in bins and total acres per product.
The calculations can be saved for future use.
The saved calculations can be sent via email.


Inellipse DOOEL
30.4 MB
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 4+
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