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Guitarist and vocalist Greg Swanholm (b. 6/4/58) experienced college in Tucson, Arizona, studying computers by day and reverently hanging out at seminal "cowpunk" clubs by night. Moved by the trademark amalgamation sounds of Al Perry, Kevin Daley, Bruce Hamblin and other "desert rockers," Greg waited until he was 25 years old had and had moved to Phoenix before he picked up his first guitar, skipped lessons and formed Flathead with bassist Ruth Wilson and drummer Vince Ramirez. A digressive rock sensation on the alt country club scene, Flathead rapidly became a staple favorite, drawing crowds and defining the post-Gin Blossoms' Tempe sound with regular gigs at the Sail Inn and the Arizona Roadhouse Brewery. Widely considered as a band who has most successfully spun gold out of threads of roots rock, traditional country, and fast dry punk, the band has enjoyed an infectious distinct local appeal throughout the American southwest. Flathead's self-titled debut CD, recorded in Swanholm's kitchen and released by Truxton records in 1997, has been hailed as "completely fun" and has helped to keep traditional dance country well within reach for a broad contemporary audience. ~ Becky Byrkit

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