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About Venusian Skyline

Brothers Alan and Scott Martin grew up with similar musical tastes, something that might have been biological considering the two are twins. No matter where their tastes were derived, the two had been living on opposite sides of the country when they began to discuss a musical collaboration. Coming together in their hometown of Vera Beach, FL, the two musicians began to work on material in July of 2001. Alan primarily sang and played the guitar, while Scott took over on piano and organ. By that fall, they drafted in bassist Bruce Reed and drummer Scott Poyer and began rehearsing for their eventual album. At some point, the project had garnered the nickname Venusian Skyline, and the addition of these two cemented the band name. Teaming with producer J. Robbins, they began to record the following spring and by May they had their finished record, Twilight Songs. Released on Revelation Records in the fall of 2002, the album's progressive rock approach was tempered with the angular hard rock that Robbins (a former member of Jawbox) brought out in their playing. ~ Bradley Torreano

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