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Arson is a heavy metal group that formed in Red Bank, NJ, in 1998. Members of this riff-driven band are guitarists Ken Pescatore and Keith Dilliplane, bassist Kyle Hasselbrink, his brother, drummer Keith Hasselbrink, and singer Anthony Ezzi. There were also two earlier members, guitarist Dan and singer Arthur -- both last names seem left out of any history of the band. Before 1998, Pescatore performed with a group called E-Town Concrete for about three years, and the Hasselbrink brothers spent nearly a decade working with each other on different gigs.

The members brought their experience and style together easily when the time came. Arson soon put out a demo that landed them a deal with Resurrection AD Records. The band's next offering was a 7" red vinyl titled Less Perfect Than Death. It was followed in 2000 by an EP, Words Written in Blood. The EP carries five hardcore, speed metal songs, including "I Lost All" and "Severed." A year later Less Perfect Than Death was re-issued on CD, and Arson went to work on its first full-length album. When not working on new songs or recording, the band tours as much as it can. Arson has appeared with many groups, like God Forbid, Biohazard, and All Out War. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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