Little Kirk

b. Kirk Anthony Davis, 28 December 1970, Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. As the older brother of Beenie Man, Kirk originally came to the fore in 1988 performing as a dancehall singer. His interpretation of ‘Man In The Mirror’ resulted in him being appropriately designated as Jamaica’s Michael Jackson. He recorded numerous hits with Patrick Roberts, including ‘Left Me Lonely’, ‘Love Tonight’, ‘I’ll Do Anything’ and another Jackson cover version, ‘Remember The Time’. In 1994 Kirk covered the soul ballad ‘I Swear’, as well as the combination hits with Silver Cat ‘Show Me Your Motion’ and ‘Dionne’. He signed with Shocking Vibes and in the summer of 1995 released I’m Ready, featuring a guest appearance from his brother. In 1996 he toured as the only singer in the Shocking Vibes Showcase headlined by Beenie Man, and featuring Snagga Puss, Silver Cat, Alley Cat and Tanto Metro. Promoters wishing to book Beenie Man bemoaned the fact that he toured as part of a cumulative cluster, although the punters relished the presentation. Kirk returned to Jamaica and covered another Michael Jackson hit with his favoured interpretation of ‘You Are Not Alone’. He also enjoyed a massive dancehall hit in combination with Alley Cat, ‘Nineties Trample’. By the summer of 1996 Kirk demonstrated his dexterity when he became involved in both record production and in the commercial side of the music business, alongside his guiding mentor Patrick Roberts. In 2000, he re-emerged performing as Kirk Davis, on the Shocking Vibes one rhythm release The Joker.

    Waterhouse, Jamaica
  • BORN
    28 December 1970

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