15 Songs, 1 Hour 21 Minutes


About Neuman

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Paco Román became known in the Murcia rock scene of the 1990s as the leader of La Fábrica de Luz. When the group dissolved in 1998, Román decided to start a new band. Named Neuman after his dog, the project only began in earnest after ten years had passed, when Román met pianist Fernando Lillo. Neuman's first album, Plastic Heaven, was released in 2010 and was widely praised by the critics and fans of alt-rock and shoegaze. It was followed in quick succession by The Family Plot (2012), Bye Fear/Hi Love (2013), and If (2014), the latter for the prestigious Spanish indie label Subterfuge Records. The double album Crashpad arrived in 2017. ~ Mariano Prunes

Murcia, Spain