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1500+ Percentages consists of over 1500 percentage questions
The questions progress in difficulty and are suitable for learners in the age range 10 to 16+.

Please be aware that this App is for the later stages of the primary and secondary education mathematics curriculum. It is NOT aimed at pre-school and elementary levels.

The common core elements covered are as follows:
- An introduction to the basics
- Percentages as decimals
- Percentages as fractions
- Percentages of amounts
- Percentage changes
- Simple interest
- Compound interest
- Word problems and Problem solving
- A preview of our 3000+ Fractions App (recommended by

The common core concepts
- Percentages to improper fractions
- Percentages to mixed numbers
- Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages
- Percentage increases
- Percentage decreases

The question are presented in batches of five or ten. Whenever you attempt a batch the questions are shuffled. The batches are color coded bronze, silver or gold to suit different levels of learner.

In addition to the questions each element provides step by step examples and the necessary theory.

The App provides a translucent sketch pad that slides in over the question, allowing you to write directly over it as you solve it.
The App provides a translucent calculator that slides in over the questions

The app records your progress, and it will tell you:
- What percentage of the element you have completed
- How many batches you have completed with no mistakes
- What percentage of the element you have completed that day
- Which batches you have attempted and how you did for the last five attempts
- The date and time of when you last attempted the batch
- The time it took you to last complete the batch with no mistakes
- Your best time ever to complete the batch with no mistakes
- And it records whether you used the calculator to answer a batch

The App contains our free Mathematical dictionary of terms and definitions which is standard with all our Apps.

The questions and other material has been designed to cover the requirements of most national curriculums e.g. USA K12 and UK Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and GCSE .

We hope by working through our questions and completing all elements to a 100% this brings the learner a rewarding sense of achievement and accomplishment.


Versión 1.0.2

This update includes Free Samples for both 1500+ Percentages and Algebra attack. The slide in slide out workings. New look element icons consistent with Algebra Attack. Minor bugs fixes.


Lucyalex Limited
40.5 MB
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.
Clasificada 4+
© LucyAlex Limited 2012


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