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BeamAir turns your iPhone or iPad into a mobile projector. It is that simple: you select photos on your iPhone or iPad using the BeamAir app, and your viewers can watch it live, as you are flicking through those images.

BeamAir does not only come in handy for showing your great pictures to friends and family but can also be used as presentation tool for PDFs. BeamAir is considered the slide projector of the mobile age by making ad-hoc presentations possible – anywhere, anytime, to anyone without any setup.


"Stream photos with a secure link and close out when you are done. The main appeal of this app is how you Do Not have to create an account or anything like that to take full advantage of the features of this app. Thanks to the developers for this!"

"I use it for work"

"Type in the code and watch pics online. Simple."


No registration or login is needed. You simply start BeamAir and give the auto-generated session code, which will be displayed, to your viewers (e.g. via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. or you just tell them). All they need to do is, to open any browser on any device, go to and enter the session ID. Now they will be able to watch your slide show live, while you are flicking through a presentation or your images.
After a session has been closed, viewers no longer have access to the images that were displayed and all data is deleted from the servers immediately. No traces of the session remain online.

BeamAir provides some more nice features:
- Live whiteboard drawing – Add another level of interaction to your presentation by drawing live on your pictures
- Dropbox Support – Open your PDF Presentation directly from the Dropbox
- Session Scheduling – Make an appointment, and invite viewers
- PDF Annotations - Take advantage of your notes while your viewers enjoy the full screen presentation
- Settings – Customize BeamAir to fit your needs perfectly (manual upload, conference code, upload delay,…)
- Telephone conference – Invite your viewers to join a discussion about your presentation
- Live picture – Take a picture and include it in your presentation right away
- Stopwatch – Use the stopwatch to always make sure you are on schedule
- Save images – After drawing live on your presentation you can decide if you want to save your masterpiece
- Save presentations – Save a PDF for later use or to assign it to a scheduled session


Versión 2.2

Bugfixes iOS8

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La aplicación permite compartir fotos sin tener que enviarlas. Dentro del dominio de BeamAir dispondremos de un espacio para remitir a nuestro público y mostrar las imágenes según nuestro álbum. Es muy fácil de usar y se integra perfectamente con iOs, sin embargo funciona con créditos que iremos gastando cada vez que entre alguien en nuestro espacio creado. Un punto muy negativo.

Very good idea, but...


I think that is a great idea, but I miss two things:
1- to really protect the photos, disable the right click on web browser, in other to disable the unauthorised download.
2- zoom in/out is not enabled, and if you what to show some can't...

I hope it helps!
Thanks for the app!

Buena idea pero no funciona


Pues eso, me parece una buenísima idea, pero no corre bien, pasas las fotos y no corren a la gente que lo esta viendo, no sincroniza,


DonkeyCat GmbH
4.3 MB
Foto y vídeo
Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Alemán, Inglés
Clasificada 4+
© DonkeyCat GmbH
4,49 €
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Enable Undo 2,99 €
  2. Enable colors and width 2,99 €
  3. Increase Image quality 2,99 €


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