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BOO! brings the most incredible video chatting experience to let you have fun and stay close with your friends!
Millions of Booers around schools & campuses have already started sending Boos between each other 24/7.
Say goodbye to the boring text messages...Let’s Happy Boo Chatting!


1. Hold ANYWHERE to take a video and send to your friends. - That Fast & Easy!
2. Tap to play the video messages, swipe left to see the next & drag down to close. - Only use one finger.
3. Hold one’s profile picture to send a “Quick Chat” - The fastest way to connect :)
4. Capture with our 3D Lenses and edit your video with motion stickers, gifs, doodles. - Have some creativity!
5. ONLY accept who you wanna be friend with and stay close to your REAL friends! - Completely Private & Safe.
6. BOO! takes the group chat to the next level with group video chat. – Ultimate Group Video Chat.


1. I had Boo! For a long time since it’s only a camera and it is getting better and better every single updates. And the latest update makes me WOW. It is definitely the future of messaging! I have so much fun keeping up with my besties and even my long distance friends! So if you are considering Boo! Take my word for it: ITS AWESOME!!! - — Epin FG

2. This is the most useful new app I have EVER used! It’s like a easier-to-use Snapchat, but incredibly simple! You can use just one hand without typing through the tiny keyboard. It is the beginning of the NO Keyboard Era! Nice work Boo team! - pirates 1124

3.Trust me, I never write a single review, and must be exceptionally impressed to do so... I am incredibly impressed with this new app!! 5 stars without a doubt! My friends and I are finding this to be a great way to keep in touch with each other throughout the day. It’s so much fun and personal than texting. Because now you can see each others’ facial expressions and body language though the videos. It really makes people feel closer! –pinkbutterfly

4.This app has completely changed the way I communicate with my friends and really make my long distance relationship works. My boyfriend is studying aboard where is 9900 miles away and Boo made it possible for us to chat like we are with each other all the time. I want to thank you guys for making this great App! - Kirstinmariee

5.I love the idea you can accept or turn down your friend request. I don’t like social media Apps nowadays like Instagram, Snapchat or other broadcasting Apps where you have no privacy at all. It is kind of creepy. But Boo is entirely safe and private for me. I’m really comfortable and relaxed using it! Keep up the great work cant wait to see what’s next! - Mr.Tia

6.I am now deleting Snapchat and telling all my friends! I used to love spending all the time Snapchatting with all my friends but now our parents are all coming to the App. They really ruin it with their doggy filter faces... This is a perfect solution for us teens to connect with each other. While I am looking forward to a few improvements such as a Story, but this app is awesome already!! – Valerovane

7. I’ve been using BOO! for almost 1 year. Love the new feature of - Group video chat. You’ve been missing fun. It’s simple, fun and easy. It empowers people to have more frequent conversations with the people they care about most, meet new friends, and have fun together - wherever they are.

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Versión 2.7.1

A New AR Interactive Game : FaceBasketball

1.Open your mouth to get the ball ready, and close your mouth to shoot the hoops!
2.The coolest style of the interface than EVER!
3.With your super blazing shots to smash your friends’ score!


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4.5 de 5

10 valoraciones

10 valoraciones


niesfe en snapchat

Añademe a Boo 👹



Hoy en día los adolescentes utilizamos mucho el teléfono y nos descargamos muchas aplicaciones sin a veces saber para que sirven. (Yo me incluyo)
Esta aplicación te obliga a poner datos personales, como donde vives, a qué colegio vas... ya que he informado de la aplicación, no es necesario incluir estos datos. Para la mayoría de los adolescentes os parecerá una tontería, pero en verdad es vuestra información y no creo que nadie necesite saberlo.


Sofia Grigore

Love this app !! Si cute 🤗😘


Xi'an Ni Xi Network&Technology Co., Ltd
256.2 MB
Redes sociales
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificada 9+ por:
Blasfemias o humor vulgar poco frecuentes/ocasionales
Temas de horror/miedo poco frecuentes/ocasionales
Copyright © 2015 - 2017 BOO All rights reserved.
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