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This application has been developed primarily to assess the hip impingement pathology where in recent years there has been progress in both diagnosis and treatment.

The hip impingement or femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) affects the hip joint in young and middle-aged adults and occurs when the femoral head articulates abnormally or does not allow a normal range of motion in the cup or acetabulum. As a result, damage to the articular cartilage labrum or both, producing a wear or hip osteoarthritis in young people.

This application is for both patients and physicians (orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation doctors, sports medicine, primary care physicians, ...)

For the patient, it is a practical guide to know what this process with drawings and animations that make it easier to understand this complicated disease.

This is an essential tool in assessing the clinical and the results before and after treatment, since it contains the main questionnaires or scores that are used today to evaluate this condition.

The measurement of outcomes in orthopedic surgery and its management, by increasing staff, is becoming an essential aspect for the increased interest of patients in health outcomes and expectations, the desire on the part of health managers to know the efficiency of the procedures, the need for progress on targets in clinical research data, and last but not least, have objective results of our clinical practice.

The questionnaires included in the application can be easily completed by the patient, and once completed, the application calculates the end result and it can be saved or send by email.

Hip Scores included the following questionnaires:
iHOT-12 (International Hip Outcome Tool - short version)
iHOT-33 (International Hip Outcome Tool - long version)
-HOS (Hip Outcome Score)
-HOSS (Hip Outcome Score Sports)
-NAHS (Non Arthritic Hip Score)
-Modified Harris Hip Score
-WOMAC Hip Score

It also includes other useful tools such as:
-Visual-Pain Scale (patient slides a cursor depending on the degree of pain and the result can be sent by email or save as an image).
-Hip impingement physical examination (form in which several clicks, we obtain a data base of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome)
-Hip angle measurer (the author has designed a digital template that provides the ability to measure the alpha angle and the acetabular angle or Wiberg´s angle of coverage)
-Surgical hip arthroscopy form (surgical protocol in which the surgeon can write the data of the surgical procedure and draw on a template injuries depending on the geographical areas described by Dr. Ilizariturri)

This application has been designed and developed by Dr. Alberto Sanchez, MD, PhD, Orthopaedic Surgeon -Arthroscopy Section- at Galdakao Hospital (Bilbao, Spain).


Versión 1.3

Updated content.


89.4 MB
Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPad.
Clasificada 12+ por:
Información médica/sobre tratamientos poco frecuente/moderada
© 2015 Alberto Sanchez


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