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What is this app about?

HM Tracker Design presents a novel approach how to perform a preliminary design of heliostats and solar trackers with arbitrary design and geometry. The linear optimization is done from a custom-built finite element library able to run on mobile devices. Stress and buckling validations are in conformity to Eurocode. National standards can be considered by setting appropriate safety factors for wind and dead load.

What is the outcome?

After minimizing the structural weight of the entire support structure a short bill of material is summarized for the different structural elements. The maximum forces and moments acting on the elevation and azimuth drives are presented in a chart and listed in a short table.

Who can use it?

The application can assist the work of researchers, design engineers and renewable energy investors and can be used as a convenient and quick-reference manual.

What are the key features?

To perform a preliminary design of a tracker the user has the possibility to set following parameters:

Safety factors for
- Dead load
- Wind load

Geometrical parameters
- Tracker width
- Tracker height
- Number of cantilever arms
- Tracker elevation (0° to 90° in 10° steps)
- Ground clearance

Site dependent factors
- Wind velocity
- Wind direction (0° to 180° in 15° steps)
- Field factor

Material properties
- Steel grade according Eurocode EN 10025


Versión 1.3.4

- Number of cantilever arms for the rectangular and circular support structures can vary from 2 to 12
- Two publications, conducted with the finite element core of the application, was added in the user manual: "CSP and PV Solar Tracker Optimization Tool" and "Advanced Structural Optimization of a Heliostat with Cantilever Arms"
- Decimal point issues fixed
- Workflow video tutorial
- iOS 10 compatibility


Hristo Zlatanov
14.2 MB
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificada 4+
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